Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week #50 Hey...............

I will no longer be in Alameda after today. But I will eventually get my package ha ha. And opening up an area is freaking hard! There were no missionaries in the area before so we have to start out with nothing. And it is in the freaking coast so it will be hot. I have no idea if my kid is gringo or not but odds are that he is.
    We baptized Mar which was awesome. It was a good baptism. I am really sad to leave Alameda. The baptism was awesome. Mar came walking in crying because all of her family is way evangelica and they didn´t want her to get baptized and she got in a huge fight with her sister about it. But she said she totally forgot about all of that when she went in the water. But it was so scary. I was on divisions with Elder Villegas and Elder Carion was in Palo Gordo with Davis and there was a power outage in the morning and we have to start filling up the font early in the morning because it takes 5 hours to fill the font. But anyways when there isn´t any power there isn´t any water in the church because of the filter that they have, so we couldn´t fill up the font! So, I was calling the electric company to get them to come fix the power outage! And finally they fixed it and we filled up the font in time ha ha! They also have hot water in the fonts here in the mountains! But a lot of people came to the baptism! Like 30!  I have to go now because I have to go back and then go to the zone leaders house before night ends! but love you! Sorry I didn´t say a lot. I am just really bummed for all the stuff that happened. I will tell you how my kid is next monday! But love you have a good week!  


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