Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week #51-I got baking soda, I got baking soda

Hey mom! Really weird week. There are a lot of changes in the mission. President is going yams on the whole mission which is good because it was pretty inicua. But it was a cool week!! Elder Santamaria is doper than Cheech and Chong. He is really pilas. One of the rules that the President made is that we can´t call them our ´´children´´ anymore. So he isn´t my kid and I am not his dad ha ha but whatever.
      It was a really weird week. Opening an area is kind of different. There are no investigators and we start pretty much from scratch. usually we can use the old area book but there wasn´t one from my area so we couldn´t ha ha! But It is kind of hard. Mom the area is so freaking big! It is just a giant road with literally nothing! if you find Burger King on the map there is a road that goes north and pretty much all of that road with the little neighborhoods is my area! It is cool though! opening an area is really hard though. This area has baptized two people this whole year which is crazy because the rest of the areas have baptized like at least 10 and more and it is a coast area but it´s a good area and we can totally baptize this month we just need to go to yams on literally everybody!!!
     This is definatly my poorest area! Like half of the people can't read which makes things kind of hard and teaching everyone here is like teaching really little children but I realized that God gives people some other kind of help and gifts if they can´t read. 
     Okay something about my new area..... our house is like really haunted! I got there and some really freaky things happened to us the first night. My poor companion was way scared too! Ha ha first day in the mission and he has to sleep in a haunted house ha ha! But we have been blessing it and stuff and listening to hymns so that is helping. But yeah it is a really big house and really dark and it scares me.
      So a little experience from today. So we were so freaking lost one day just walking around in the freaking jungle because my area is huge and it is pretty much just jungles and fields but we were searching for the house of some chick that we put an appointment with and we had no idea where we were. But we went down this really cool road and I was like ´´yeah this is not it at all´´ but something told me to keep on going so we kept on going and we saw a lady taking water out of her well and we of course asked if we could help so we started taking the water out and then we found out that her whole family are members of the church and she is the only one that isn´t baptized! She needs to get married first but hopefully we can do that first! But it was a cool miracle and they came to church. Also her mother in law and her grandmother in law are really old. They reminded me of that episode of Spongebob when they are selling chocolate. And the old lady answers the door and then calls her mom and her mom is like a shriveled up thing. The oldest one is probably like 80 pounds she is tiny. 
      But Burger King is in my area and there is this dude in  a Burger King commercial that looks exactly like me! Well because of the new rules from President Goodman we cant really do activities anymore so we did nothing for my birthday but whatever. That dude is coming in like a great ball of fire. But we went to McDonalds in Reu and that was about it. I wanted to go to Xetulu but I would definitely get sent home for that ha ha! 
     Thanks so much for the presents! I was so excited to wear the Taylor Swift shirts but we can´t wear like normal clothes on P Day anymore so it will have to wait! But thanks so much for everything! I literally am loaded ha ha! that was a ton of dough!!!! But I love the stuff! I love that lotion from Bath and Body Works! But love you! We can´t call different areas anymore so I have no idea how I am going to tell my old companion to get me my package but hopefully it gets to me one day!!!! Love you!!!! Write me fast!!!
   Also I got a chingo of emails today so tell everyone thank you! I would love to respond to all of them but I can´t, but love you!!!!!!! Tell everyone thank you because it made my day!! 
Bryson with his trainer, Elder Vides, and with his new trainee, and comp, Elder Santamaria
Birthday lotion that exploded

Taylor Swift :)

Birthday money
Edge of his new area

Inspired road that led them to an investigator
Family in new area that fed them

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