Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week #54-Dog Whisperer

Hello mom! Hey that was a nice blouse you  had on in the picture with Titan. Also we had a fun week i guess ha ha! It was interesting and not much has happened and also I lent my cable for my camera to my companion so I can´t send pictures this week but it doesn´t matter because we only have 30 minutes to write now.... New rule ha ha!
    Anyways I went on inter changes with Elder Goldsberry´s companion Elder Herrera which was cool. So there is this dog named Oso that always visits with us and he is literally the best dog ever. We just pass by his house and he just follows us. So he was following us and out of no where and a huge gang of dogs started running after Oso to try to gang bang him!!! But Oso jumped into a ditch and the whole gang of dogs left. Then Oso stuck his head out of the ditch and started looking for us and he saw us. So he got out of the ditch and started running after us ha ha! Anyway, one of the gangster dogs saw him and started chasing him!!! So as soon as Oso got to us the other dog was about to bite him so I hit the dog with my umbrella and you will never believe what happened next.... The hood rat dog got scared out of his mind and left into the street!!! And two seconds later.... a old yellow pick up truck hit that dog going like 50 down the highway and totally killed the dog on the spot!!!! Everyone thought that I was the worst. Everyone started calling me a ´´mata perros´´ which means a dog killer. It was kind of funny but sad and traumatizing.
     We do a lot of service in San Luis because everyone is really poor. So we went to this river called Samalá to find wood because sometimes there is drift wood that washes up on the shore and we have to chop it and then they use that to cook their food. So we went to the river to find drift wood and I was walking along the sand and all of a sudden I fell into like a black hole!!! It was literally quick sand and i was up to my knees in it!! then my companion fell in  too!!! What bad luck ha ha! I thought I was going to die but I got out.
    So Josh told me that Donald Trump is going yams on everyone which got me thinking.... ´´is it easier to convert Guatemalans to the Gospel or to Donald Trump?´´ So I have been telling everyone that Donald Trump is the best ever and he will be a great president and they all agreed with me. that just goes to show you that teaching the gospel is really hard.
      Something spiritual. We were contacting and we talked to a guy. We taught him The Book of Mormon and he did not want anything to do with it. I asked  him to read a little bit of 2 Nephi 31 and he did and then he decided that he would read The Book of Mormon. He said that he saw something that caught his attention. Pretty cool. I hope he gets baptized. He has a Mormon brother in the US. But really The Book of Mormon is incredible. I finished it this week and it is the greatest thing of all time.
     We put a baptisimal date with Hermana Pilar for the 17th and she accepted.
       Love you!!!!! Tell Garet to suck it for the whole Tony Romo breaking  his spleen.
Osa, the dog, that follows them everyday-Bryson was trying to protect him

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week #53-Deep Thinking

I finally have a year in the mission and it made me reflect a little bit on myself. And this is what I came up with. BEST CHARACTERS FROM ANY TV SHOW OR MOVIE: 1st Place Patrick Star (if anybody thinks otherwise, they should not have a temple recommend) 2nd place Krunk from The Emperors New Grove (´´Do you feel the power Krunk? Oh...... I feel it´´) 3rd Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec (I´m sure there are no arguments there) Honorable mention: Beans from Even Stevens, Crazy Steve from Drake and Josh, Dwight Shrute from The Office. Last Place: Tiny Tim from A Christmas Story (he should have died ´´and decrease the surplus population!!´´)
     The good news is we baptized Keila and Wendy and we got the most incredible pictures of all time. The bad news is that I think my camera got a virus and now I can not send them. But it was a great baptism. The first convert baptisms in San Luis this year!!! Awesome! But they are such great little girls I am so glad that they got baptized. Also we are following up with their family as well!!! One day all of them will be baptized!!!
     I forgot to tell you that my companion´s first day in the mission field we got to visit my first area for like 2 hours and I found out that my first baptism, Gilberto got the Priesthood and is working to go to the temple to be sealed with his wife!!!!! Awesome. Also Silvia got baptized in Alameda! she is the old lady that I taught for a long time and she wanted me to baptize her but the Lord had other plans ha ha! But that is cool! 
      There is a fair in my area this week which is awesome. It means that everyone gets drunk in honor of a Catholic Saint. A guy drove a bus into a ditch and we passed by on our way to an appointment and everyone asked us to help them get it out. All of the drunk people were trying to lift the bus out of the ditch. I thought they were all idiots. But they asked us to help them and my companion and I started to lift on the bus! And we freaking pulled the bus out of the  ditch. That was a miracle. We lifted a freaking bus. Two Mormons and like 30 drunk guys.
I have the Steelers schedule and I am so excited for this season, but who is on my fantasy team?
      Tell Titan happy birthday for me! I love that kid! I opened the halftime package that you sent me and it was so dope and the picture of SpongeBob that Titan drew was priceless!!!!
      Love you guys! Tell Titan I tell him Feliz Cumpleaños. Or maybe not because he won´t understand. But you can tell him I say happy Birthday.  I have to go but I love you!!! give all of my love to Titan! I miss him!!!! But I will talk to you next week!!!
I asked Bryson if he burned a shirt for his one year mark and this was his reply:  "Burning shirts is like burning money! If I waste a shirt I am going to give it to a young kid in the church who  doesn´t have a white shirt to pass the sacrament ha ha!"   He is actually learning some valuable lessons on his mission, haha!!


Dog that leaves with them to go teach everyday

Fair going on in his area-look to the bottom left of the pic, you'll see a drunk guy throwing up in the well, haha!

Keila and Wendy baptism

Bryson was so excited that the dress fit her perfectly

Monday, August 15, 2016

Week #52!!!! When in doubt, pinkies out!

That is a Spongebob quote. I love that show and it turns out Elder Goldsberry (District leader) loves it too. I started a new thing and every night I send  him a quote from spongebob before I go to bed! But yeah it was an awesome week like seriously the Lord blessed us a ton.
     We we had a chingo of meetings this week. We literally were in meetings like half of the week. And we literally pretty much read the Handbook the whole time. We know the Handbook it is just the mission culture just made it so nobody followed it ha ha! But yeah the President is going Yams on everyone! 
     We had lunch with President Goodman in his house with his wife which was fun! All of the new missionaries and their trainers! It was a good time! Also my package that you sent with José was there waiting for me which was dope! But it was aweosme! I want to open it!
     I will not lie. I hate that we can´t wear regular clothes anymore on P Days so I am wearing my white Taylor Swift shirt that you sent me under my church shirt ha ha! It makes me feel a little better. Also I wear my cool pinnapple, palm tree socks on mondays. I love my socks by the way. 
     Well last monday this family that lives in front of us had a little party for me so that was cool. Also oh my goodness! We are teaching these little girls that have the poorest family of all time. They live in a dangerous area but we had an appointment with them last monday at night and really we shouldn´t go to that area at night but I forgot that we couldn´t go there but we prayed about it and we went! they freaking bought me presents and I literally cried when I saw what was inside. They gave me two pairs of underwear some socks and a little towel! It was like the weirdest stuff of all time but I know it was a really big sacrafice for them so it made me feel so bad! And Tuesday my zone leaders bought me a cake so it was the best brithday of all time even though I couldn´t show off my Taylor Swift shirts.
     Anyways those girls that gave me the presents accepted to be baptized this Saturday! do you know how crazy that it? We are opening an area and the first people that we found are getting baptized two weeks later. That is a miracle! My companion is awesome and helped me a lot it was seriously insane. We got permission to baptize them and we are going to do it this Saturday the 20th! 
      anyways awesome week! We played mini golf today. I had an ingrown toenail so I could wear my Jesus Sandals ha ha! When you have an ingrown toenail you just wear open toed shoes so I thought it was a good idea.  Also football season is literally going to start! That is awesome! Tell me all about it because I can´t go to McDonald´s anymore to catch a glimpse of the highlights ha ha!  I got my "halftime" package and I told Shalese that I opened it  because I couldn´t control myself, but I did it and then I shut it but I only saw the picture of Antonio and le´veon! I am so pumped for football season! I will drink pure pepsi now. 
     Sorry about your leg! I hope you can walk again! Get a blessing for hecks sakes I testify of preisthood blessings. My comp already has parasites ha ha! sick kid.
    Love you have a great week! Write me! 
Non member family who bought him birthday presents!

Mini Golf for Pday

Rockin the T Swift T-shirt, haha! (under his mission clothes of course)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week #51-I got baking soda, I got baking soda

Hey mom! Really weird week. There are a lot of changes in the mission. President is going yams on the whole mission which is good because it was pretty inicua. But it was a cool week!! Elder Santamaria is doper than Cheech and Chong. He is really pilas. One of the rules that the President made is that we can´t call them our ´´children´´ anymore. So he isn´t my kid and I am not his dad ha ha but whatever.
      It was a really weird week. Opening an area is kind of different. There are no investigators and we start pretty much from scratch. usually we can use the old area book but there wasn´t one from my area so we couldn´t ha ha! But It is kind of hard. Mom the area is so freaking big! It is just a giant road with literally nothing! if you find Burger King on the map there is a road that goes north and pretty much all of that road with the little neighborhoods is my area! It is cool though! opening an area is really hard though. This area has baptized two people this whole year which is crazy because the rest of the areas have baptized like at least 10 and more and it is a coast area but it´s a good area and we can totally baptize this month we just need to go to yams on literally everybody!!!
     This is definatly my poorest area! Like half of the people can't read which makes things kind of hard and teaching everyone here is like teaching really little children but I realized that God gives people some other kind of help and gifts if they can´t read. 
     Okay something about my new area..... our house is like really haunted! I got there and some really freaky things happened to us the first night. My poor companion was way scared too! Ha ha first day in the mission and he has to sleep in a haunted house ha ha! But we have been blessing it and stuff and listening to hymns so that is helping. But yeah it is a really big house and really dark and it scares me.
      So a little experience from today. So we were so freaking lost one day just walking around in the freaking jungle because my area is huge and it is pretty much just jungles and fields but we were searching for the house of some chick that we put an appointment with and we had no idea where we were. But we went down this really cool road and I was like ´´yeah this is not it at all´´ but something told me to keep on going so we kept on going and we saw a lady taking water out of her well and we of course asked if we could help so we started taking the water out and then we found out that her whole family are members of the church and she is the only one that isn´t baptized! She needs to get married first but hopefully we can do that first! But it was a cool miracle and they came to church. Also her mother in law and her grandmother in law are really old. They reminded me of that episode of Spongebob when they are selling chocolate. And the old lady answers the door and then calls her mom and her mom is like a shriveled up thing. The oldest one is probably like 80 pounds she is tiny. 
      But Burger King is in my area and there is this dude in  a Burger King commercial that looks exactly like me! Well because of the new rules from President Goodman we cant really do activities anymore so we did nothing for my birthday but whatever. That dude is coming in like a great ball of fire. But we went to McDonalds in Reu and that was about it. I wanted to go to Xetulu but I would definitely get sent home for that ha ha! 
     Thanks so much for the presents! I was so excited to wear the Taylor Swift shirts but we can´t wear like normal clothes on P Day anymore so it will have to wait! But thanks so much for everything! I literally am loaded ha ha! that was a ton of dough!!!! But I love the stuff! I love that lotion from Bath and Body Works! But love you! We can´t call different areas anymore so I have no idea how I am going to tell my old companion to get me my package but hopefully it gets to me one day!!!! Love you!!!! Write me fast!!!
   Also I got a chingo of emails today so tell everyone thank you! I would love to respond to all of them but I can´t, but love you!!!!!!! Tell everyone thank you because it made my day!! 
Bryson with his trainer, Elder Vides, and with his new trainee, and comp, Elder Santamaria
Birthday lotion that exploded

Taylor Swift :)

Birthday money
Edge of his new area

Inspired road that led them to an investigator
Family in new area that fed them

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week #50 Hey...............

I will no longer be in Alameda after today. But I will eventually get my package ha ha. And opening up an area is freaking hard! There were no missionaries in the area before so we have to start out with nothing. And it is in the freaking coast so it will be hot. I have no idea if my kid is gringo or not but odds are that he is.
    We baptized Mar which was awesome. It was a good baptism. I am really sad to leave Alameda. The baptism was awesome. Mar came walking in crying because all of her family is way evangelica and they didn´t want her to get baptized and she got in a huge fight with her sister about it. But she said she totally forgot about all of that when she went in the water. But it was so scary. I was on divisions with Elder Villegas and Elder Carion was in Palo Gordo with Davis and there was a power outage in the morning and we have to start filling up the font early in the morning because it takes 5 hours to fill the font. But anyways when there isn´t any power there isn´t any water in the church because of the filter that they have, so we couldn´t fill up the font! So, I was calling the electric company to get them to come fix the power outage! And finally they fixed it and we filled up the font in time ha ha! They also have hot water in the fonts here in the mountains! But a lot of people came to the baptism! Like 30!  I have to go now because I have to go back and then go to the zone leaders house before night ends! but love you! Sorry I didn´t say a lot. I am just really bummed for all the stuff that happened. I will tell you how my kid is next monday! But love you have a good week!