Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week #49-todos nacimos para adorar!!!!!

Hey mom! That is a quote from an evangelist song ha ha! It is so freaking weird. It means "we were all born to worship (Jesus). I think it is funny that's why they think we were born, to just worship. It's good to be Mormon and actually know why we were born ha ha! But we had the greatest week this week since Shark Week.
    So the first thing is that when I went on divisions with Elder Da (I love divisions with Elder Da) we have this thing called the night of hermanamiento (no idea what that means in English.....brothershiping maybe?) But this awesome dude named Mar who is like 5'2" brought this awesome family to the activity. We had been teaching the youngest son of the family for a little while named Ale and he is so dope! But anyways his whole family came to La Noche de Hermanamiento and they totally loved it! They're Catholics (which means they don't go to any church) and we taught them a few days later and they totally loved the whole message and they want to read the Book of Mormon and they totally believe that Joseph Smith could be a prophet which is usually the biggest doubt. Then they came to church yesterday and I taught the class of Gospel Principles and it was probably one of my greatest lessons I have ever taught and the best part it 8 investigators came to church yesterday. It was a miracle! But we are going to do everything so that this family gets baptized. 
      Mar is totally ready to get baptized this Saturday finally! She has gone to church like twenty times! But we're really excited! 
     We found this chick the other day. We were going to visit a less active member but it turns out that they weren't there but they had their cleaning wench over and she started talking to us and she said that we could return when the family was there so we came back and taught her. My companion calls her "chick piedra" because it is like talking to a freaking rock when we teach her. But I taught her with Elder Da and she was completely open to talk and stuff. She is just a little strange but she went to church on Sunday so hopefully everything goes well with her. 
     We played soccer against San Pedro today which was fun. I am always goalie because I literally suck so bad at soccer but I am really good at goalie! Well not really good but I get by. 
    We got a new microwave the other day and it is Samsung so I thought that I could download Angry Birds or something on it but it turns out that it is just a normal microwave. I was wondering why Samsung would make phones and microwaves because that is a weird combination. But then Elder Johnson reminded me that Yamaha makes motorcycles and keyboards so I just came to terms that there are some things that I will never know. 
      I realized that there is a bunch of weird people who get on the buses to either sell marijuana cream, ask for money to pay their medical bills, sing to get money, or do stand up comedy to get money. It is actually really annoying. This one dude had his guts hanging out of his stomach and he always asks for money on the bus and it makes me throw up every time. There was this "blind" dude that was asking for money and then we saw him counting his money at the end of the day. I totally lost faith in humankind after that. Guatemala is weird ha ha! 
   Love you! i will send you some good pics! 
Osa the Puppy-they love her

Tagg's tag, haha

Bryson's companion and a great convert


Shoe pic, Bryson's are the black ones

Always too much fog

Free Mason church in their area
Bryson almost never backs down from a dare

Elder T with Osa

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