Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week #48-Spaceballs

Hey mom sorry for emailing so late but I have no idea why we got to the internet place so late ha ha! But we had a pretty awesome week! I got your package which was awesome but the bad news is that I left my camera at home today so sorry about that! I was trying to make mac and cheese while we were leaving the house so I was stressed and forgot a bunch of stuff but sorry!
    We had interviews with President Goodman this week which was awesome! I love President Ruiz but his interviews were way short ha ha! It was like two minutes and he always just asked us how the area is and how our families are. We got to know President Goodman and Hermana Goodman really well which was awesome! But I studied a lot about The Atonement this week which was great. I realized that I just need to teach the Atonement at the heart of all my lessons and everything will be better. I know that our Church has to be true because there is no other church that has a better understanding of the Atonement than ours. 
     Good news! We had a lesson with Mar and her mom came this time too which never happens but we taught about all of the stuff that she doesn´t remember because we have literally taught her everything! But we asked her mom (who is way Evangelica) if she had any questions for us. And she said yeah ´´why the yale is my daughter getting baptized so freaking fast´´ and I said well let´s go to Act chapter 2 and we´ll show you!!!! And we read the story about when the 3000 people got baptized in one day after knowing the Gospel and we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she literally had nothing to say. She said ´´Oh cool, thank you´´ It was the first time an Evangelico didn´t want to argue with us. But it was good stuff.
    We have a cool investigator who´s  name is An and her sister was baptized like year ago but is less active already. But we came over to her house when they were watching that stupid movie Spaceballs and we walked in right at the part where they do the lightsaber fight and it is totally inappropriate but they were laughing so hard! But luckily the Spirit stayed and we had a really good lesson and she is thinking about being baptized on the 30th which is cool! 
      I realized something the other day. My companion was talking to a member the other day and they were talking about Jews and all the weird stuff Jews do. And then my companion said ´´I think they still circumsize their babies as well´´ and the member was like ´´really?! That´s insane´´ I was like ´´Where the freak am I? Nobdoy gets circumsized here?´´ But it made me realize that Latinos are weird.
      So those cute little girls that were living above us went back to Coban which was really sad! The little one Gladis (also the name of Mr. McCleery´s projector) when she saw us walking down the street, she would always run up to me and hug me! And when she left she was bawling her eyes out! it was sad but it is probably for the best because they never let my companion and I study because they would just stand at our door and yell ´´Kiko!!!!´´ They called me Kiko because they couldn´t pronounce my name. But it was sad. Maybe they will get baptized one day with their families. 
    Anyways good stuff! I was so happy for my package and José was way thankful for the money! But seriously I couldn´t carry everything to the house! We had to get a car to get all the stuff to the house but thanks so much!  Yeah José is going back there on my birthday which will be good because I´ll send all of you guys presents because there are like a thousand birthday´s coming up! Dude the Steelers need to keep Martiavis! I knew that he was out for a year but he can drop weed! I heard about the whole deflategate thing too! I hate Tom Brady, that should have been last year! But Dwayne Wade in Chicago is going to be dope! he is one of my favorite players! 
    Today was the worst P day ever! We just played soccer! And D literally destroyed my shin! But T is down and he showed us a puppy! It is so cute and T is staying at my house tonight!  Also I have been reading The Infinite Atonement and it´s the greatest book of all time! But love you! Write me fast! 

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