Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week #47

Hey mom!!!!!! I'm so happy your wrist it better!! Now you just need to hold off on breaking any more bones until your leg heals ha ha! But that's good your're doing good!! We had a good week this week! We just got a brand new water heater shower head and somehow it lasted one day I have no idea how that happened. But a lady came over to our house while we were gone and cleaned our whole house which is awesome because there was so much stuff that was way moldy. Mold grows so fast in my house. It's like chia-pets but with mold. Also I found a three piece suit from Japan for Q60 that is like 8 bucks or something. There is a fair going on in my area which is cool. Also President Goodman and his wife made their tour around the mission so I got to talk to them again.
     So Marvella is like ready for her baptism on the 30th! I was so shocked yesterday because she came up to us after church and told us that she needed to talk to us. She looked way sad and everything and she said ''I'm not going to get baptized on the 30th anymore'' And I was like tahfu?! And then she went on for like 5 minutes about why she couldn't then she started laughing!!! She was joking the whole time and I was so serious and sad!!! But she is awesome! She is going to be a great member!
    Silvilla didn't show up to church again which was really hard because every Saturday night we always talk with her and tell her how important it is to go to church but she is way worried about her little puppies! Somebody accidently stepped on one of the puppies and it ended up dying!! I was so shocked. 
     But things are going good! Jose hasn't gotten here yet. I talked with is wife and she told me like Wednesday or Thursday he'll get here. He just barely got into Mexico today and I guess he'll be here in like 2 days which makes no sense. 
     Anyways for P day we played paintball! It was way better than the first time we played. Elder Johnson and I prayed that the clouds would come down so that it was foggy. And it totally happened!!! It was incredible!! But it was so much fun! I did not get hit once!! It was like Samuel the Lamanite type of crap!!! But we played capture the flag and the team that won got to have a free shot at the other team! Our team won twice and I destoyed Elder Villega's upper leg.
    Anyways poor Tim Duncun! But just kidding because his house is huge. Also, Fantasy Football stuff....... you need to draft Antonio Brown first but for the first three rounds just draft RB's and receivers!!!!!! But in like the first round if Cam Newton is available then do it. But don't draft a QB until like the 6th 7th round. If Ben is available the 7th round I say go for it. There is my advice!!! Good luck love you!!!!!
playing paintball

Bryson's bed

Elder Rodriguez

Little girl that doesn't want Bryson to leave

With Elder Davis in the background
I think this pic is from the week before, but I found it on Elder Davis' blog :)

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