Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week #46-Betta get my money!

Hey I can´t believe that I freaking lost my wallet! Remember how many times I lost my card at home I think I lost 8 in like one year haha! But now it actually is the worst when you lose your cards here! But it´s alright. But it was a cool week filled with some pretty good miracles.
     First of all Marvella´s mom finally is going to let her get baptized. We have been preparing Mervella ever since I got in Alameda. Well I guess it would be the Spirit that was preparing her but anyways she is one of the most prepared people I´ve ever seen!! She is awesome! But her mom is way evangelica and she doesn´t like the Church because all of the evangelica people always tell crazy lies about the church and talk a lot of beef! But the mom was way sick so the bishop and some other people showed up to give her a blessing and she totally felt way awesome after and then Marvella told her that she was going to get baptized on the 30th which is cool because she said it is alright. So that was a miracle also she was so pumped to tell us! 
     I got a package from Josh and I was so freaking happy! he sent me a ton of Steelers articles and two Fantasy Football magazines and it looks like Antonio Brown is the number one draft pick! Dope you got to get him. Also he send me a sick Steelers tie. I also got your packages but it looks like i can´t do jake squat with them until August. But that was nice of Josh and his family. Also why would no one tell me that the moved the Rams back to LA?! What would Isaac Bruse say?
      But we got to go to a meeting to meet the new President and he is cool! It is a really long ride from San Marcos to Reu especially when you use the public buses! The have this game in Guatemala that is called ´´how much stank can we fit in one bus´´ they put like 300000000 people in a tricked out school bus and they all smell awful. But it was good stuff. It was good to meet the President. His wife speaks pretty much no Spanish so she just talked in English which was funny but she made some nice cookies. I knew it as soon as i saw her picture that she was going to make cookies. And I was right. She is a totally cookie maker but she is the greatet nicest person of all time! We´re really happy to have them here.
     I drank a cup of milk out of the utter of a cow. It was cool but kind of weirdd ha ha! We helped this less active member round up his goats and cows. It was good clean fun.
    We have a new investigator who Elder Meecham taught about a year ago *shmoney*. And she wanted to get baptized but once every like 7 days her son's dad comes over to live with them for a night even though every other night he is with his wife but she says she is going to drop him which is good. But things are going good.
   Last month was rough because we didn't baptize anyone in the zone and in Coatepeque we baptized 51 people so that was really different. We went to the Refuge of the Quetzales today and we did not see any Quetzales but it was pretty I'll send you pictures. But love you! I will see if José gets here tomorrow. 

The Guatemalan bird.....Quetzales

Drinking warm milk straight from the cow
At the bird refuge for Quetzales

Elder Johnson, President Thomas (branch pres.), Elder Gallagher
Elder Davis

Elder Johnson sniffing hot sauce

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