Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week #49-todos nacimos para adorar!!!!!

Hey mom! That is a quote from an evangelist song ha ha! It is so freaking weird. It means "we were all born to worship (Jesus). I think it is funny that's why they think we were born, to just worship. It's good to be Mormon and actually know why we were born ha ha! But we had the greatest week this week since Shark Week.
    So the first thing is that when I went on divisions with Elder Da (I love divisions with Elder Da) we have this thing called the night of hermanamiento (no idea what that means in English.....brothershiping maybe?) But this awesome dude named Mar who is like 5'2" brought this awesome family to the activity. We had been teaching the youngest son of the family for a little while named Ale and he is so dope! But anyways his whole family came to La Noche de Hermanamiento and they totally loved it! They're Catholics (which means they don't go to any church) and we taught them a few days later and they totally loved the whole message and they want to read the Book of Mormon and they totally believe that Joseph Smith could be a prophet which is usually the biggest doubt. Then they came to church yesterday and I taught the class of Gospel Principles and it was probably one of my greatest lessons I have ever taught and the best part it 8 investigators came to church yesterday. It was a miracle! But we are going to do everything so that this family gets baptized. 
      Mar is totally ready to get baptized this Saturday finally! She has gone to church like twenty times! But we're really excited! 
     We found this chick the other day. We were going to visit a less active member but it turns out that they weren't there but they had their cleaning wench over and she started talking to us and she said that we could return when the family was there so we came back and taught her. My companion calls her "chick piedra" because it is like talking to a freaking rock when we teach her. But I taught her with Elder Da and she was completely open to talk and stuff. She is just a little strange but she went to church on Sunday so hopefully everything goes well with her. 
     We played soccer against San Pedro today which was fun. I am always goalie because I literally suck so bad at soccer but I am really good at goalie! Well not really good but I get by. 
    We got a new microwave the other day and it is Samsung so I thought that I could download Angry Birds or something on it but it turns out that it is just a normal microwave. I was wondering why Samsung would make phones and microwaves because that is a weird combination. But then Elder Johnson reminded me that Yamaha makes motorcycles and keyboards so I just came to terms that there are some things that I will never know. 
      I realized that there is a bunch of weird people who get on the buses to either sell marijuana cream, ask for money to pay their medical bills, sing to get money, or do stand up comedy to get money. It is actually really annoying. This one dude had his guts hanging out of his stomach and he always asks for money on the bus and it makes me throw up every time. There was this "blind" dude that was asking for money and then we saw him counting his money at the end of the day. I totally lost faith in humankind after that. Guatemala is weird ha ha! 
   Love you! i will send you some good pics! 
Osa the Puppy-they love her

Tagg's tag, haha

Bryson's companion and a great convert


Shoe pic, Bryson's are the black ones

Always too much fog

Free Mason church in their area
Bryson almost never backs down from a dare

Elder T with Osa

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week #48-Spaceballs

Hey mom sorry for emailing so late but I have no idea why we got to the internet place so late ha ha! But we had a pretty awesome week! I got your package which was awesome but the bad news is that I left my camera at home today so sorry about that! I was trying to make mac and cheese while we were leaving the house so I was stressed and forgot a bunch of stuff but sorry!
    We had interviews with President Goodman this week which was awesome! I love President Ruiz but his interviews were way short ha ha! It was like two minutes and he always just asked us how the area is and how our families are. We got to know President Goodman and Hermana Goodman really well which was awesome! But I studied a lot about The Atonement this week which was great. I realized that I just need to teach the Atonement at the heart of all my lessons and everything will be better. I know that our Church has to be true because there is no other church that has a better understanding of the Atonement than ours. 
     Good news! We had a lesson with Mar and her mom came this time too which never happens but we taught about all of the stuff that she doesn´t remember because we have literally taught her everything! But we asked her mom (who is way Evangelica) if she had any questions for us. And she said yeah ´´why the yale is my daughter getting baptized so freaking fast´´ and I said well let´s go to Act chapter 2 and we´ll show you!!!! And we read the story about when the 3000 people got baptized in one day after knowing the Gospel and we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she literally had nothing to say. She said ´´Oh cool, thank you´´ It was the first time an Evangelico didn´t want to argue with us. But it was good stuff.
    We have a cool investigator who´s  name is An and her sister was baptized like year ago but is less active already. But we came over to her house when they were watching that stupid movie Spaceballs and we walked in right at the part where they do the lightsaber fight and it is totally inappropriate but they were laughing so hard! But luckily the Spirit stayed and we had a really good lesson and she is thinking about being baptized on the 30th which is cool! 
      I realized something the other day. My companion was talking to a member the other day and they were talking about Jews and all the weird stuff Jews do. And then my companion said ´´I think they still circumsize their babies as well´´ and the member was like ´´really?! That´s insane´´ I was like ´´Where the freak am I? Nobdoy gets circumsized here?´´ But it made me realize that Latinos are weird.
      So those cute little girls that were living above us went back to Coban which was really sad! The little one Gladis (also the name of Mr. McCleery´s projector) when she saw us walking down the street, she would always run up to me and hug me! And when she left she was bawling her eyes out! it was sad but it is probably for the best because they never let my companion and I study because they would just stand at our door and yell ´´Kiko!!!!´´ They called me Kiko because they couldn´t pronounce my name. But it was sad. Maybe they will get baptized one day with their families. 
    Anyways good stuff! I was so happy for my package and José was way thankful for the money! But seriously I couldn´t carry everything to the house! We had to get a car to get all the stuff to the house but thanks so much!  Yeah José is going back there on my birthday which will be good because I´ll send all of you guys presents because there are like a thousand birthday´s coming up! Dude the Steelers need to keep Martiavis! I knew that he was out for a year but he can drop weed! I heard about the whole deflategate thing too! I hate Tom Brady, that should have been last year! But Dwayne Wade in Chicago is going to be dope! he is one of my favorite players! 
    Today was the worst P day ever! We just played soccer! And D literally destroyed my shin! But T is down and he showed us a puppy! It is so cute and T is staying at my house tonight!  Also I have been reading The Infinite Atonement and it´s the greatest book of all time! But love you! Write me fast! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week #47

Hey mom!!!!!! I'm so happy your wrist it better!! Now you just need to hold off on breaking any more bones until your leg heals ha ha! But that's good your're doing good!! We had a good week this week! We just got a brand new water heater shower head and somehow it lasted one day I have no idea how that happened. But a lady came over to our house while we were gone and cleaned our whole house which is awesome because there was so much stuff that was way moldy. Mold grows so fast in my house. It's like chia-pets but with mold. Also I found a three piece suit from Japan for Q60 that is like 8 bucks or something. There is a fair going on in my area which is cool. Also President Goodman and his wife made their tour around the mission so I got to talk to them again.
     So Marvella is like ready for her baptism on the 30th! I was so shocked yesterday because she came up to us after church and told us that she needed to talk to us. She looked way sad and everything and she said ''I'm not going to get baptized on the 30th anymore'' And I was like tahfu?! And then she went on for like 5 minutes about why she couldn't then she started laughing!!! She was joking the whole time and I was so serious and sad!!! But she is awesome! She is going to be a great member!
    Silvilla didn't show up to church again which was really hard because every Saturday night we always talk with her and tell her how important it is to go to church but she is way worried about her little puppies! Somebody accidently stepped on one of the puppies and it ended up dying!! I was so shocked. 
     But things are going good! Jose hasn't gotten here yet. I talked with is wife and she told me like Wednesday or Thursday he'll get here. He just barely got into Mexico today and I guess he'll be here in like 2 days which makes no sense. 
     Anyways for P day we played paintball! It was way better than the first time we played. Elder Johnson and I prayed that the clouds would come down so that it was foggy. And it totally happened!!! It was incredible!! But it was so much fun! I did not get hit once!! It was like Samuel the Lamanite type of crap!!! But we played capture the flag and the team that won got to have a free shot at the other team! Our team won twice and I destoyed Elder Villega's upper leg.
    Anyways poor Tim Duncun! But just kidding because his house is huge. Also, Fantasy Football stuff....... you need to draft Antonio Brown first but for the first three rounds just draft RB's and receivers!!!!!! But in like the first round if Cam Newton is available then do it. But don't draft a QB until like the 6th 7th round. If Ben is available the 7th round I say go for it. There is my advice!!! Good luck love you!!!!!
playing paintball

Bryson's bed

Elder Rodriguez

Little girl that doesn't want Bryson to leave

With Elder Davis in the background
I think this pic is from the week before, but I found it on Elder Davis' blog :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week #46-Betta get my money!

Hey I can´t believe that I freaking lost my wallet! Remember how many times I lost my card at home I think I lost 8 in like one year haha! But now it actually is the worst when you lose your cards here! But it´s alright. But it was a cool week filled with some pretty good miracles.
     First of all Marvella´s mom finally is going to let her get baptized. We have been preparing Mervella ever since I got in Alameda. Well I guess it would be the Spirit that was preparing her but anyways she is one of the most prepared people I´ve ever seen!! She is awesome! But her mom is way evangelica and she doesn´t like the Church because all of the evangelica people always tell crazy lies about the church and talk a lot of beef! But the mom was way sick so the bishop and some other people showed up to give her a blessing and she totally felt way awesome after and then Marvella told her that she was going to get baptized on the 30th which is cool because she said it is alright. So that was a miracle also she was so pumped to tell us! 
     I got a package from Josh and I was so freaking happy! he sent me a ton of Steelers articles and two Fantasy Football magazines and it looks like Antonio Brown is the number one draft pick! Dope you got to get him. Also he send me a sick Steelers tie. I also got your packages but it looks like i can´t do jake squat with them until August. But that was nice of Josh and his family. Also why would no one tell me that the moved the Rams back to LA?! What would Isaac Bruse say?
      But we got to go to a meeting to meet the new President and he is cool! It is a really long ride from San Marcos to Reu especially when you use the public buses! The have this game in Guatemala that is called ´´how much stank can we fit in one bus´´ they put like 300000000 people in a tricked out school bus and they all smell awful. But it was good stuff. It was good to meet the President. His wife speaks pretty much no Spanish so she just talked in English which was funny but she made some nice cookies. I knew it as soon as i saw her picture that she was going to make cookies. And I was right. She is a totally cookie maker but she is the greatet nicest person of all time! We´re really happy to have them here.
     I drank a cup of milk out of the utter of a cow. It was cool but kind of weirdd ha ha! We helped this less active member round up his goats and cows. It was good clean fun.
    We have a new investigator who Elder Meecham taught about a year ago *shmoney*. And she wanted to get baptized but once every like 7 days her son's dad comes over to live with them for a night even though every other night he is with his wife but she says she is going to drop him which is good. But things are going good.
   Last month was rough because we didn't baptize anyone in the zone and in Coatepeque we baptized 51 people so that was really different. We went to the Refuge of the Quetzales today and we did not see any Quetzales but it was pretty I'll send you pictures. But love you! I will see if José gets here tomorrow. 

The Guatemalan bird.....Quetzales

Drinking warm milk straight from the cow
At the bird refuge for Quetzales

Elder Johnson, President Thomas (branch pres.), Elder Gallagher
Elder Davis

Elder Johnson sniffing hot sauce