Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week #45-"And then I'll eat, I'm Bob"

 I don´t know if you have ever seen What About Bob but that is one of the greatest movies ever known to woman kind. We had a good time this week! We had the despedida (farewell) of President Ruiz and Hermana Ruiz which was sadder than a wet husky puppy. There were some pretty good changes into the mountains. I´m happy that you got to meet José he is awesome! Sorry about the video it is weird. We got work done this week which was fun but I will tell you everything right now.
    So Elder Johnson came up to San Lorenzo which is really cool! I missed him! Elder Tucker left which was sad but Elder McQuire took his spot and his area is right next to mine! And Elder Meecham is my zone leader!! When Elder Meecham got here he showed me all of his old investigators because he was here ´´about a year a go´´ *the shmoney*. But it was really awesome we found a really poor family that they taught and the son was literally in the baptisimal font and said that he didn´t want to do it anymore ha ha! So hopefully we can meterles en (throw them in) the water!!! That would be awesome and the lady is leaving her boyfriend who is also the father of her child so that´s awesome because she can get baptized too!!! It was a good lesson. 
     Hermana Ruiz likes to take away the ties that we make of corte because sometimes they´re way to colorful but I worked up the courage to get her to sign one of my corte ties and she was thrilled to do it! Hermana Ruiz will be President of the USA one day (even though she´s from Panamá) so that tie will be worth a lot of money. It was really sad saying goodbye to them though! 
     Nobody came to church this week which hasn´t happened in a really long time which made me sad! My companion got his stiches out of his chin which was awesome....... not! I nearly passed out. I hate that kind of stuff!!  
    Today we finally cleaned the house and it looked awesome! Kind of ha ha! Today we went to a freaking forest and played capture the flag with our zone and Elder Tagg came too because his zone didn't have an activity, ha ha! Then we went to Dominos and then we went to the expo in San Pedro and I bought Titan an awesome Christmas present! And by Chistmas I mean birthday ha ha! And I got you guys a little something from Perú. But I´ll send the stuff shortly!!! 
    I love José! That´s so nice that he´s doing that for us!!! But you guys need to learn freaking spanish!! It is a nice language I guess. English is probabaly better but whatever! Elder Fredrickson just emailed me and he is companions with a guy that I knew In Mazate! He is the guy who is holding the duck after I cut it´s head off!!!!!! Chepe!!! But yeah small world! Love you guys email me fast!!!
Holding an iguana that he's scared to death of

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