Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week #43-Hello!!

Hey mom! It was an alright week. I enjoyed it for the most part. It was like Panda Express. It is pretty good food but I´m not going to tell my friends about it. There were some pretty good highlights.
     On Wednesday we were contacting (which is kind of hard here) and we went to a house that we had contacted like a week ago and they told us to come back another day. It was a 13 year old kid named Josué and he let us in! It was a miracle. He was studying english with his friend so I helped them with that and then he asked us why we don´t drink coffee. I love that question ha ha (not). So we explained The word of Wisdom and during that his dad walked in and immediately tried to swerve us. So we kept teaching the kid. then after like 15 minutes the dad came back and sat down at the table with us obviously to try to kick us out. He also told us that he was a pastor which usually means that we need to buckle up for an attack on the Church. But I asked him if he had a question for us and he said yes! He also asked about the coffee! And he asked something about Moroni which was a really weird question. Then my companion and I went zionks on him but zoinks with the Spirit! We ended up having a huge lesson with him and he talked about The Book of Mormon and stuff. It was seriously one of the best lessons we´ve ever had. He told us that if God tells him, he´ll change churches! Also if he gets baptized in our Church then his whole congregation probably will too!! But We´re working with him ha ha. Pastors are usually really hard. But he was really humble.
     We also entered into a Pastor trap Saturday and three pastors were just trying to rail us!!! I was so mad!! He said a bunch of crap about baptisms for the dead! He said a bunch of crap about Joseph Smith and about he church and he even mentioned stuff about Mormons from Utah so obviously I lost the Spirit in my anger but whatever that dude was the worst. I hate Pastors sometimes. But it was weird that we had two lessons with Pastors this week and how different they were. I think I´m going to write a book about it. 
My companion is just really funny though ha ha!  He like sings opera and weird stuff all the time and makes really weird noises! I really don´t understand him ha ha! But oh well. So I talked to José and he is going to go to Utah after fathers day. But he gave me an address where you can drop off the package and then he will just pick it up. I´ll send you that address they live in Salt Lake but it´s cheaper and faster than the mail, haha.
   Today we went to some waterfalls but the waterfall is close to a vein of a volcano so the water is warm and there´s a lot of steam!! Anyways we found out there were some pretty cheap zip lines too so we did the zip lines as well! It was good fun. Then we were waiting for a little mini-bus to go back to San Marcos and it was completely full so I said to the guy ´´Arriba?´´ and he said ´´vaya´´. So we went up top and it was raining so hard! We were freezing  but we made friends with the bus assistant ha ha! He was cool! It was a really fun P Day! Anyways email me! Love you!!

Bryson at a resort with hot pools and a zipline

Bryson in his new area-Alameda

.Elder Tucker being funny

Some random person on the zipline

They rode on top of a bus to get back home

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