Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week #45-"And then I'll eat, I'm Bob"

 I don´t know if you have ever seen What About Bob but that is one of the greatest movies ever known to woman kind. We had a good time this week! We had the despedida (farewell) of President Ruiz and Hermana Ruiz which was sadder than a wet husky puppy. There were some pretty good changes into the mountains. I´m happy that you got to meet José he is awesome! Sorry about the video it is weird. We got work done this week which was fun but I will tell you everything right now.
    So Elder Johnson came up to San Lorenzo which is really cool! I missed him! Elder Tucker left which was sad but Elder McQuire took his spot and his area is right next to mine! And Elder Meecham is my zone leader!! When Elder Meecham got here he showed me all of his old investigators because he was here ´´about a year a go´´ *the shmoney*. But it was really awesome we found a really poor family that they taught and the son was literally in the baptisimal font and said that he didn´t want to do it anymore ha ha! So hopefully we can meterles en (throw them in) the water!!! That would be awesome and the lady is leaving her boyfriend who is also the father of her child so that´s awesome because she can get baptized too!!! It was a good lesson. 
     Hermana Ruiz likes to take away the ties that we make of corte because sometimes they´re way to colorful but I worked up the courage to get her to sign one of my corte ties and she was thrilled to do it! Hermana Ruiz will be President of the USA one day (even though she´s from Panamá) so that tie will be worth a lot of money. It was really sad saying goodbye to them though! 
     Nobody came to church this week which hasn´t happened in a really long time which made me sad! My companion got his stiches out of his chin which was awesome....... not! I nearly passed out. I hate that kind of stuff!!  
    Today we finally cleaned the house and it looked awesome! Kind of ha ha! Today we went to a freaking forest and played capture the flag with our zone and Elder Tagg came too because his zone didn't have an activity, ha ha! Then we went to Dominos and then we went to the expo in San Pedro and I bought Titan an awesome Christmas present! And by Chistmas I mean birthday ha ha! And I got you guys a little something from Perú. But I´ll send the stuff shortly!!! 
    I love José! That´s so nice that he´s doing that for us!!! But you guys need to learn freaking spanish!! It is a nice language I guess. English is probabaly better but whatever! Elder Fredrickson just emailed me and he is companions with a guy that I knew In Mazate! He is the guy who is holding the duck after I cut it´s head off!!!!!! Chepe!!! But yeah small world! Love you guys email me fast!!!
Holding an iguana that he's scared to death of

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week #44-White Chicks........Fire Bombs!

Catchiest song of all time. Anyways it was a good week! Until Sunday! We had a mulit-zone meeting Tuesday which was really cool! I got to see everyone from Coaatepeque again! The President gave a really good speech and his wife did too! Anyways I realized how hot the coast is because we went to Malacatan for the meeting. Anyways I'm going to miss President Ruiz! He's a good guy and his wife is awesome too.
     I got a letter from the bishop! Back when he was bishop. It was from Dan and he told me that Milt Cohen died! Why does nobody tell me anything! i gave that guy the sacrament like 50000 times! He was such a good guy! 
     We always get together with the zone every Saturday to play soccer way early in the morning which is fun but it is really early in the morning. Anyways like after playing for 5 minutes my companion slipped on the wet ouside court and slammed his chin into the ground and started bleeding a ton but he went inside of the church and we just kept on playing. Then like an hour later my zone leader Elder Keck asks "do you think we should take him to the hospital?" Then i noticed that he was bleeding a lot! So we went to the hospital and he got stitches in his chin! I almost passed out because i watched them put them in! It was so gross.
    So Wednesday we had an activity in our church and it ended really late but we had a cita in the night so I wasn't sure if we should have gone because it was really late and we have to be in the house by 9:30 but I said let's do it! So we went and it was sweet because she accepted her baptism date for this Saturday! I was so happy but guess what happened? She didn't show up to church yesterday so my bishop won't let her get baptized until next week! I was so mad! She has gone to church like 3000 times! But the bishop doesn't understand! I was seriously so freaking mad! I wanted to give him a big round house kick to the face! But whatever he is actually a really cool bishop but that just made me really mad! 
     Last week I went on divisions with Elder Keck and some kids wanted to play soccer against us so we played with them! They made us bet a 3 liter bottle of soda if they won and it was like 5000 against Elder Keck and I. I was keeper because I suck at soccer and Elder Keck just tried to meter goals. The 8 year old kids literally kicked my butt! They kick it so freaking hard! So the game was one to ten! So they got 5 goals in like 3 seconds and Elder Keck and I were astonished! But then Keck went straight yams on their faces and got like 9 goals straight and we won 10-8 it was a better comeback than the Cleavland comeback. 
    Also tell Brent Cochran thanks for the package! I have no idea if I thanked him. Also Jose lives by by wheeler farm so it's pretty far away but still! Your package will be waiting for you! Love you! Email me! Also Steph Curry game 6! What a loser! I heard all about it! 
Bryson's companion taking a picture

He loves the goats

This reminded him of a spongebob episode, haha, when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly in Sandy's house

frogs that are all over the street

ties they had made from corte

view of San Pedro
multi zone conference
Bryson's companion

Trying to legalize weed in the paca, haha

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week #43-Hello!!

Hey mom! It was an alright week. I enjoyed it for the most part. It was like Panda Express. It is pretty good food but I´m not going to tell my friends about it. There were some pretty good highlights.
     On Wednesday we were contacting (which is kind of hard here) and we went to a house that we had contacted like a week ago and they told us to come back another day. It was a 13 year old kid named Josué and he let us in! It was a miracle. He was studying english with his friend so I helped them with that and then he asked us why we don´t drink coffee. I love that question ha ha (not). So we explained The word of Wisdom and during that his dad walked in and immediately tried to swerve us. So we kept teaching the kid. then after like 15 minutes the dad came back and sat down at the table with us obviously to try to kick us out. He also told us that he was a pastor which usually means that we need to buckle up for an attack on the Church. But I asked him if he had a question for us and he said yes! He also asked about the coffee! And he asked something about Moroni which was a really weird question. Then my companion and I went zionks on him but zoinks with the Spirit! We ended up having a huge lesson with him and he talked about The Book of Mormon and stuff. It was seriously one of the best lessons we´ve ever had. He told us that if God tells him, he´ll change churches! Also if he gets baptized in our Church then his whole congregation probably will too!! But We´re working with him ha ha. Pastors are usually really hard. But he was really humble.
     We also entered into a Pastor trap Saturday and three pastors were just trying to rail us!!! I was so mad!! He said a bunch of crap about baptisms for the dead! He said a bunch of crap about Joseph Smith and about he church and he even mentioned stuff about Mormons from Utah so obviously I lost the Spirit in my anger but whatever that dude was the worst. I hate Pastors sometimes. But it was weird that we had two lessons with Pastors this week and how different they were. I think I´m going to write a book about it. 
My companion is just really funny though ha ha!  He like sings opera and weird stuff all the time and makes really weird noises! I really don´t understand him ha ha! But oh well. So I talked to José and he is going to go to Utah after fathers day. But he gave me an address where you can drop off the package and then he will just pick it up. I´ll send you that address they live in Salt Lake but it´s cheaper and faster than the mail, haha.
   Today we went to some waterfalls but the waterfall is close to a vein of a volcano so the water is warm and there´s a lot of steam!! Anyways we found out there were some pretty cheap zip lines too so we did the zip lines as well! It was good fun. Then we were waiting for a little mini-bus to go back to San Marcos and it was completely full so I said to the guy ´´Arriba?´´ and he said ´´vaya´´. So we went up top and it was raining so hard! We were freezing  but we made friends with the bus assistant ha ha! He was cool! It was a really fun P Day! Anyways email me! Love you!!

Bryson at a resort with hot pools and a zipline

Bryson in his new area-Alameda

.Elder Tucker being funny

Some random person on the zipline

They rode on top of a bus to get back home

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week #42-Alameda!!!!

Well I never thought that I would say it but I love the mountains! Literally nobody understands how cold it is here! After nine months in the freaking coast being up here in the mountains is like being in a freezer constantly! My companion Elder Carrion is a good kid and I suppose that he is good with kids too!
    So I got here Tuesday, which was nice. I got to see Elder Fickes and Elder Tagg and Elder Gayheart! I swear I haven't seen Elder Tagg in fifty years! He freaking lives with Elder Gayheart! They are so lucky! (these are guys from his MTC zone) But I literally have the nicest house in the world and by that I mean it is a pretty big house that is pretty dirty but it has hot water at least. I literally stayed in the shower for 30 minutes my first day. I wanted to cry because it felt so good. So I literally got here with only short sleeved shirts and that is it. The first day I bought two sweaters for 40 Quetzales (we live inside of a freaking paca so the clothes are so cheap). Then I went to a members paca and bought a dope leather jacket for 50 Quetzales which was crazy because it's from Italy. But It is so cold! 
   We don't have a lot of investigators because it is a lot harder here I guess! And they all go to church every week by themselves and they never want to get baptized until they go to church like 50 times which is not like the coast at all. We have a ward of 200 people and everyone goes to sit UP FRONT I was shocked! I bore my testimony yesterday and when I looked out I was like "I've never seen more people in my life"! But it's like the greatest ward in the world it reminds me of Utah a little bit. it is crazy cold here! I love it because I love the cold but I got the flu my second day and now I have like pink eye or something! But every morning I wake up and my eye is swollen everyone tells me that I need to find a cat and rub it's tail across my eye and then it will be better. I have no idea where they got that from!  It is literally Utah in October here. I feel like I need to celebrate Christmas right now. I think I will be up here for like 30 years.
    One of our investigators had a dream that someone gave her a Book of Mormon so she believes that our church is  true and hopefully she gets baptized the 19th. I told her to do it this Saturday. She first said that she wanted to do it in 4 months and i almost peed my pants. 4 months?! And the worst part about it is the members were okay with it! They always tell me to be patient. The earlier she gets baptized the less time the devil has to screw everything up!!! Some people don't understand. They need to read Alma 34.
 But we just had an earthquake!!! We have one like three times a week here! They are so weird!! I am literally in the middle of one right now! 
I hung out with Elder Gayheart and Elder Tagg today. It was good clean fun! I love it up here! Also!!!!!!! There is a guy here that goes to Utah like two times every month and he goes to Salt Lake and he says that he will go find you and bring any package back when he goes there! He just wants your address!!! So if you want to send anything! Send it with him! But give me your address and phone number!!!
    Love  you!!! Email me fast! 
There's an airport in Alameda

New area-Alameda

there are a lot of corn fields

In Coatepeque before he got transfered

Rockin his new sweater for his new cold area

He's amazed he has a couch!!

Chihuahua that is fatter than our Chihuahua, haha

dogs that live by him

fat Chihuahua again

ice cream he got in his new area

investigators kids

Bryson's new kitchen!!

with Elder Zumba and sisters in Coatepeque

new neighborhood in Alameda

New zone in Alameda

Zona Coatepeque-set a record of 51 baptisms in 1 month!