Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week #41-Don't drop the soap

 I never understood that expression. i was thinking about it today because I literally always drop the soap every time I shower and really it gets way annoying. I don't get it though. How on earth did you brake you wrist as well!!!! That is really just insane! I have been praying all week that you leg feels better! But holy cow mom! You really worry me!!!  But hopefully you'll be alright!
    Well I have some good news. This Tuesday so like a week ago, Elder Kahl and Elder Pugmire came to Coatepeque to drop off the microwaves and beds and stuff. Elder Kahl told me that the following day we would have to start teaching Hermana McCulley and Hermana Villarroel our area because they were going to put Hermanas in Coatepeque now. So we were with the Hermanas pretty much all week teaching them the area. So that means that tomorrow that I will be in a different area. I thought that today was going to be the day of changes but they changed it to tomorrow. Anyways I have no idea where I will go. All I know is that I am not going to be with Elder Zumba. Elder Zumba is going to a different area in Coatepeque.
     It was a really good week. As a zone we broke the record for the amount of baptisms in one zone with 51 baptisms also we broke the record as a mission and as a mission we baptized 251 people which is really cool! I'm sad because I'm leaving Coatepeque but it happens. I can't believe it because I was only here for like two months so it's kind of rough and unfair but that's life. 
    We tried to get all of our progressing people baptized this week which is easier said than done we really wanted to baptize somebody our last week in Coatepeque but it didn't happen! I was so mad! But hopefully the Hermanas can have a lot of success in Coatepeque. I have no idea where I am going but I hope somewhere cool! 
    It is the end of the month so all of the missionaries don't have any money. I literally have no idea how these people are going to survive in the real world. Literally fifty people asked me for money today because I am the only one who knows how to manage money here! Everyone was eating crackers for lunch today and I was eating a ceasar salad with a nice cup of Hot Chocolate. It was sad but kind of funny. I offered everyone some croutons (I have no idea how you spell that).
    Anyways it is sad to leave. I hope I go to Mazate again! That would be the best ever! But we will see I will let you all know! Stay safe mom! I love you! Please stop getting hurt!
towards the end of emailing Bryson yesterday, he got this news:
I'M GOING TO THE MOUNTAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST FOUND OUT.  The next changes are the 22nd! and the new president is coming! It is a ward of 200 members and my house is the best house in the mission! I am so excited! 

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