Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week #40-I can't believe you broke your leg!

What the heck mom! You need to be careful!! That is the worst news I have heard my whole mission! Have you even broken a bone before? I expected that Kelsey would probably break something while I was gone because she has the worst luck of all time but I never thought that you would! But you are pretty adventurous for being a mom ha ha!
     We had a pretty good week! I was really stressed. I got to baptized Rudy on Saturday but for some reason my flash on my camera only works when the sun is out. I will never understand. Pretty much all of my pictures are horrible because you can´t see anything. But I will try to see what´s up. But yeah it was a fun week. We have this kid in our ward named D who always leaves to teach lessons with us. But he really doesn´t say much during the lessons but hey it is better than nothing. Anyways he is going to finish his mission papers right now which is really cool! But his family is really poor so it might take a while for D to leave. Also we are helping this other dude named Alan who is twenty two and has a beard but he wants to go on a mission too! I told him go for it! He got his doctor and dental stuff done and ha has his passport and everything.  He just needs a couple for inverviews and he will be ready to go too! But his family has a lot of money so he won´t have to wait very long.
     Rudy was all pumped to get baptized. I screwed up the first time because I said ´´by the athority'' then corrected myself and said ''having been commisioned'' and did the whole thing and I baptized them but the made me do it again. rudy was happy because he told me he likes to swim ha ha! He said ´´i wish you had done it ten times´´! I was laughing so hard. It was a good day.
     We had the last multi-zona with President ruiz on Tuesday. It was kind of sad because I love President Ruiz and I didn´t even get to hear his speech because the took me and a bunch of other people into the other room for a leadership meeting to teach us how to be leaders and stuff. 
     I talked to Elder Tagg the other day! i miss him I hope he comes down to the coast this change. Today we went to the waterfalls as a zone today which was cool! We fit 26 of us in the back of a pick-up it was so scary. But good stuff! then i ate what the call ´´La MontaƱa de Nachos´´ which was the greatest thing of all time. But not really they were just average nachos and they didn´t even have meat. But what can you do. 
     Also if you can put some money in for some shoes that would  be awesome. I love my Jesus Sandels but I don´t think they can survive much longer. Also I would love some more bath and body works hand sanatizer that is the greatest stuff since Key Lime Pie. 
     Love you! Sorry about you leg! Feel better but enjor the maternity leave or whatever they call it! i Write me fast! And tell Kelsey to write me for hecks sake! 
26 of them in the back of a truck

Elder Hastings

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