Monday, May 16, 2016

Week #39-No news is good news

I have no idea who came up with that phrase. If I didn´t get any news from anybody I wouldn´t not take that as good news. I was thinking about that today. What a great week we had this week! We baptized Mo which was really cool. My camera died so I didn´t take any pictures but thanks to Elder Hill I have some now so I will send them to you. I was really happy that Mo got baptized he´s such a good kid! And he isn´t going to Honduras so at least I will get to spend more time with this convert. And that means that he can´t rob me of tennis shoes and take them to Honduras. I don´t know if I told you but N took my flipping Nikes to Honduras! I was so mad when I figured out a week later.
   Anyways good stuff. Everything is going great here! We have another sure baptism this Saturday. It is a nine year old kid who doesn´t even listen to us but he needs to be baptized too ha ha. His mom is a member so I am not sure why the kid never got baptized. His name is Ru. I feel like Ru is a dog name. He lives in the scariest house of all time! I took pictures so I will show you! I am always scared to teach him because I don´t want to go to his house.
    This week we had a test on the Book of Mormon and President Ruiz is really nuts about tests. He said ´´this is literally the most basic test on The Book of Mormon. If you have really read The Book of Mormon you should get 100 percent´´ That was a load of crap because the first question was something like ´´what was the name of Moroni´s dog´s cousin?´´ I was so mad. But I passed so that was good.
    Yesterday we made Root Beer floats which was awesome! I love Root Beer and vanilla ice cream. Some of the simple things of life.
     Today we had an awesome paint fight and water fight. I painted a cross on my forehead and I can´t get it off. And the coast guard is here building schools and some dude from Utah talked to me and asked me why I had a cross on my head if I was Mormon. I told him ´´have you ever seen Braveheart with Mel Gibson?´´ He said ´´of course I´m not an idiot´´ and I said ´´there you go´´. He doesn´t speak spanish and for some reason he has a southern accent but he is from West Boutinful ha ha! 
     Also young man came up to me and confessed his sins to me. They were pretty bad. I told him to talk to the Bishop and he did and got ex-communicated. It was sad but he is on the road to repentance. We are teaching him now! He is Elder Kahl´s convert which is kind of sad but he is really humble and I hope everything goes alright.
    Anyways pretty eventful. I also bought a cool umbrella.
    Love you! I loved the picture of James Harrison. What a good guy. Write me fast! 

Baptism of Mo (they had a member baptize him)

with a drunk guy on the street


Mormons vs Jehovah's witness, haha. He says they always wear hats and have umbrellas.

He was scared to death and he's "never doing that again", haha!

"jump, Elder Zumba, jump"

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