Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week #38-Yesterday

Hey sorry about emailing you so late! We just barely got back from Tilapa! It is such a nice beach kind of ha ha! Everywhere in Guatemala is kind of dirty and stuff but it was still pretty fun! My camera actually ran out of battery so that kind of sucked! But I got some good pictures I bought a sick hat ha ha!  But it was cloudy which was nice because it is so hot on the beach! But we had fun! I will send you the temple pictures and everything soon.
     The good news is that we helped baptized this guy named Sa which was cool but it was the baptism of Magnolia (a different area than his)! He is a really crazy kid but hey even the crazy people need baptism! He is the brother of the prostitute! He always asks me if I am going to come back to marry his sister and I always tell him not in a million years! Maybe she will get baptized too one day but I don´t want to do it because she scares me.
     We had an alright week. Fer and An didn´t get baptized which was sad. They have permission from their parents but it seems like they are scared of something. So we just need to keep working with them and everything will be good! 
     Mo is doing good! He will get baptized this weekend but we just need to talk with his aunt! But there weren´t any really great stories this week! 
     The temple was incredible! I love that place! I hope everyone can go there one day. Maybe during the millenium there will be a temple in every city and we will be going to town on the temple work.
   I have no idea why I cried so much about Will Ure yesterday! (Will is a 90 something year old guy who Bryson used to home teach in the Val Verda 1st ward. Will came in to my work and he told me to tell Bryson "Hi") He didn´t even say anything that should make me cry! I do love Will though! That was the weirdest thing of all time though! I just miss really nice old people I guess! And he kind of reminds me of the guy from Up. Anyways it was good to see little kingston! I love that kid! And Titan. He is talking so good! Really it was good to see all of you! Grandma looks great and really you all look great! Sorry I had a headache!  I hate having a sick companion. It stresses me out! 
   Anyways love  you! Sorry I wrote so late again! Can´t wait to get the Taylor Swift shirt! I´m so excited! Anyways I will get your package tomorrow! But love you!
Our May 8th Mother's Day Skype!!

He bought a new hat

The beloved tag pic at the beach

Huts on the beach

"Moses" parting the red sea

They had to cross a river to get to the beach

Boats used to smuggle drugs to mexico

´´Surf-board´´  Like that one song by Rihanna. ´´We be online!!!! Wahhhhh-aaaaa-ooooo  wahhhhhhh-aaaaa-ooooo´´ I have no idea what the real lyrics are but I´m pretty sure that is it. (I think he meant BeyoncĂ©'s song, haha)

Rockin his new vest at the temple

Bryson with Elder Daughrty

Bryson With Elder Montepeque & Elder Zumba


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