Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week #37-Good Week

Hello mom! It was a really good week! So we were working with Fe and An this whole flipping week and they were all excited for the baptism and everything and then Fe got all freaked out because he told me that his dad would hit him if he got baptized so I was like you´ve got to be kidding me! So we talked with the dad and he told us that he wasn´t sure if they should get baptized or not because even though he doesn´t go to a church he wants them to be Evangelicos. So I was confused because the mom told us that the dad was totally fine with it but whatever. So he told us that he would interview them and if they seem ready to him then he will let us do it this Saturday. We just ran into the dad just barely too. Anyways so that happened.
    After that we went with N who is their brother but not really because he doesn´t want anything to do with his mom or his brother and sister. He calls his grandma his mom and he lives with her. He had never accepted a baptismal date and we started talking with him about the baptism. And we told him that he could do it tomorrow (which was friday) and he looked at his grandma and asked if he should do it and she said ``bautizase!`` I wanted to cry. So he said I`ll do it tomorrow. Then we saw him later that night and he told us that he was moving back to Honduras which was sad but he still wanted to do the baptism even though the church in Honduras is far away from his house. So he was really scared about the baptism but Saturday we baptized him.We were going to baptize his grandma too but she needed to get married to her boyfriend first so we had the wedding set and everything but they couldn´t find work here so they went back to Honduras! The old grandma hugged me and she was crying when they left! it was so sad! 
    In the baptism we were waiting for his cousin who is from the area of my district leader. The cousin is crazy and he has a lot of problems but he finally agreed to a baptismal date so my district leader wanted us to wait. He called us in the middle of the meeting and told us that we needed to stall. So we had 4 talks and the last one was from me! I literally cried the whole time because I was talking about how when we first met N he was crazy and he swore a lot and he lives in the worst enviroment ever but nevertheless he still reads his scriptures and says his prayers and goes to church every sunday. I made his grandma cry too! It was so sad but it was like a 15 minute talk and it turns out the cousin left the house and went gambling! I was so mad! We saw the cousin yesterday and he said sorry I wanted to come but at least I won! He won freaking 3 Quetzales! I was so mad! that is like 40 cents or something.
     Anyways today we went to some waterfalls in our area! It was the greatest P Day of all time! We went with our Ward mission leader Julio and his family! His son pushed me into the water! But I love his family! I have like 30000000 pictures! We need to go back there with you one day.
    Anyways everything is going good! I am happy to hear that Shalese is okay. We have an investigator who should get baptized this week for sure but his dad is 94 and the investigator is 15. I have no idea how the yale that works but I guess Abraham pulled off a milagro like that too. Stranger things have happened. The dad insists on sitting in on the lessons with us even though he can`t hear and he will pull out his bible randomly and say something that is completly absurd but way funny! He was evangelico. Anyways Sunday we are going to skype you! Tomorrow we are going to the temple! I hate the Bengals But at least the steelers got a corner! Good stuff! We have a meeting at 7 because we are doing soccer tournament and we need to get like 30000 kids ha ha! So I was thinking about what I want from the States. I want first, one of my steelers hats, a lot more of those bath and body works hand sanitizers! The kids love that stuff! I want more pens! And I want a lot of candy and The Taylor Swift shirt please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .  Talk to me fast! Love you! 
Baptism of N with family

Bryson, Elder Zumba and N


Julio (ward mission leader), his kids, Bryson and Elder Zumba

Julio's family on hike to waterfall

Elder Zumba

Riding in the back of a truck to the waterfall


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