Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week #41-Don't drop the soap

 I never understood that expression. i was thinking about it today because I literally always drop the soap every time I shower and really it gets way annoying. I don't get it though. How on earth did you brake you wrist as well!!!! That is really just insane! I have been praying all week that you leg feels better! But holy cow mom! You really worry me!!!  But hopefully you'll be alright!
    Well I have some good news. This Tuesday so like a week ago, Elder Kahl and Elder Pugmire came to Coatepeque to drop off the microwaves and beds and stuff. Elder Kahl told me that the following day we would have to start teaching Hermana McCulley and Hermana Villarroel our area because they were going to put Hermanas in Coatepeque now. So we were with the Hermanas pretty much all week teaching them the area. So that means that tomorrow that I will be in a different area. I thought that today was going to be the day of changes but they changed it to tomorrow. Anyways I have no idea where I will go. All I know is that I am not going to be with Elder Zumba. Elder Zumba is going to a different area in Coatepeque.
     It was a really good week. As a zone we broke the record for the amount of baptisms in one zone with 51 baptisms also we broke the record as a mission and as a mission we baptized 251 people which is really cool! I'm sad because I'm leaving Coatepeque but it happens. I can't believe it because I was only here for like two months so it's kind of rough and unfair but that's life. 
    We tried to get all of our progressing people baptized this week which is easier said than done we really wanted to baptize somebody our last week in Coatepeque but it didn't happen! I was so mad! But hopefully the Hermanas can have a lot of success in Coatepeque. I have no idea where I am going but I hope somewhere cool! 
    It is the end of the month so all of the missionaries don't have any money. I literally have no idea how these people are going to survive in the real world. Literally fifty people asked me for money today because I am the only one who knows how to manage money here! Everyone was eating crackers for lunch today and I was eating a ceasar salad with a nice cup of Hot Chocolate. It was sad but kind of funny. I offered everyone some croutons (I have no idea how you spell that).
    Anyways it is sad to leave. I hope I go to Mazate again! That would be the best ever! But we will see I will let you all know! Stay safe mom! I love you! Please stop getting hurt!
towards the end of emailing Bryson yesterday, he got this news:
I'M GOING TO THE MOUNTAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST FOUND OUT.  The next changes are the 22nd! and the new president is coming! It is a ward of 200 members and my house is the best house in the mission! I am so excited! 

Week #40-I can't believe you broke your leg!

What the heck mom! You need to be careful!! That is the worst news I have heard my whole mission! Have you even broken a bone before? I expected that Kelsey would probably break something while I was gone because she has the worst luck of all time but I never thought that you would! But you are pretty adventurous for being a mom ha ha!
     We had a pretty good week! I was really stressed. I got to baptized Rudy on Saturday but for some reason my flash on my camera only works when the sun is out. I will never understand. Pretty much all of my pictures are horrible because you can´t see anything. But I will try to see what´s up. But yeah it was a fun week. We have this kid in our ward named D who always leaves to teach lessons with us. But he really doesn´t say much during the lessons but hey it is better than nothing. Anyways he is going to finish his mission papers right now which is really cool! But his family is really poor so it might take a while for D to leave. Also we are helping this other dude named Alan who is twenty two and has a beard but he wants to go on a mission too! I told him go for it! He got his doctor and dental stuff done and ha has his passport and everything.  He just needs a couple for inverviews and he will be ready to go too! But his family has a lot of money so he won´t have to wait very long.
     Rudy was all pumped to get baptized. I screwed up the first time because I said ´´by the athority'' then corrected myself and said ''having been commisioned'' and did the whole thing and I baptized them but the made me do it again. rudy was happy because he told me he likes to swim ha ha! He said ´´i wish you had done it ten times´´! I was laughing so hard. It was a good day.
     We had the last multi-zona with President ruiz on Tuesday. It was kind of sad because I love President Ruiz and I didn´t even get to hear his speech because the took me and a bunch of other people into the other room for a leadership meeting to teach us how to be leaders and stuff. 
     I talked to Elder Tagg the other day! i miss him I hope he comes down to the coast this change. Today we went to the waterfalls as a zone today which was cool! We fit 26 of us in the back of a pick-up it was so scary. But good stuff! then i ate what the call ´´La Montaña de Nachos´´ which was the greatest thing of all time. But not really they were just average nachos and they didn´t even have meat. But what can you do. 
     Also if you can put some money in for some shoes that would  be awesome. I love my Jesus Sandels but I don´t think they can survive much longer. Also I would love some more bath and body works hand sanatizer that is the greatest stuff since Key Lime Pie. 
     Love you! Sorry about you leg! Feel better but enjor the maternity leave or whatever they call it! i Write me fast! And tell Kelsey to write me for hecks sake! 
26 of them in the back of a truck

Elder Hastings

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week #39-No news is good news

I have no idea who came up with that phrase. If I didn´t get any news from anybody I wouldn´t not take that as good news. I was thinking about that today. What a great week we had this week! We baptized Mo which was really cool. My camera died so I didn´t take any pictures but thanks to Elder Hill I have some now so I will send them to you. I was really happy that Mo got baptized he´s such a good kid! And he isn´t going to Honduras so at least I will get to spend more time with this convert. And that means that he can´t rob me of tennis shoes and take them to Honduras. I don´t know if I told you but N took my flipping Nikes to Honduras! I was so mad when I figured out a week later.
   Anyways good stuff. Everything is going great here! We have another sure baptism this Saturday. It is a nine year old kid who doesn´t even listen to us but he needs to be baptized too ha ha. His mom is a member so I am not sure why the kid never got baptized. His name is Ru. I feel like Ru is a dog name. He lives in the scariest house of all time! I took pictures so I will show you! I am always scared to teach him because I don´t want to go to his house.
    This week we had a test on the Book of Mormon and President Ruiz is really nuts about tests. He said ´´this is literally the most basic test on The Book of Mormon. If you have really read The Book of Mormon you should get 100 percent´´ That was a load of crap because the first question was something like ´´what was the name of Moroni´s dog´s cousin?´´ I was so mad. But I passed so that was good.
    Yesterday we made Root Beer floats which was awesome! I love Root Beer and vanilla ice cream. Some of the simple things of life.
     Today we had an awesome paint fight and water fight. I painted a cross on my forehead and I can´t get it off. And the coast guard is here building schools and some dude from Utah talked to me and asked me why I had a cross on my head if I was Mormon. I told him ´´have you ever seen Braveheart with Mel Gibson?´´ He said ´´of course I´m not an idiot´´ and I said ´´there you go´´. He doesn´t speak spanish and for some reason he has a southern accent but he is from West Boutinful ha ha! 
     Also young man came up to me and confessed his sins to me. They were pretty bad. I told him to talk to the Bishop and he did and got ex-communicated. It was sad but he is on the road to repentance. We are teaching him now! He is Elder Kahl´s convert which is kind of sad but he is really humble and I hope everything goes alright.
    Anyways pretty eventful. I also bought a cool umbrella.
    Love you! I loved the picture of James Harrison. What a good guy. Write me fast! 

Baptism of Mo (they had a member baptize him)

with a drunk guy on the street


Mormons vs Jehovah's witness, haha. He says they always wear hats and have umbrellas.

He was scared to death and he's "never doing that again", haha!

"jump, Elder Zumba, jump"

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week #38-Yesterday

Hey sorry about emailing you so late! We just barely got back from Tilapa! It is such a nice beach kind of ha ha! Everywhere in Guatemala is kind of dirty and stuff but it was still pretty fun! My camera actually ran out of battery so that kind of sucked! But I got some good pictures I bought a sick hat ha ha!  But it was cloudy which was nice because it is so hot on the beach! But we had fun! I will send you the temple pictures and everything soon.
     The good news is that we helped baptized this guy named Sa which was cool but it was the baptism of Magnolia (a different area than his)! He is a really crazy kid but hey even the crazy people need baptism! He is the brother of the prostitute! He always asks me if I am going to come back to marry his sister and I always tell him not in a million years! Maybe she will get baptized too one day but I don´t want to do it because she scares me.
     We had an alright week. Fer and An didn´t get baptized which was sad. They have permission from their parents but it seems like they are scared of something. So we just need to keep working with them and everything will be good! 
     Mo is doing good! He will get baptized this weekend but we just need to talk with his aunt! But there weren´t any really great stories this week! 
     The temple was incredible! I love that place! I hope everyone can go there one day. Maybe during the millenium there will be a temple in every city and we will be going to town on the temple work.
   I have no idea why I cried so much about Will Ure yesterday! (Will is a 90 something year old guy who Bryson used to home teach in the Val Verda 1st ward. Will came in to my work and he told me to tell Bryson "Hi") He didn´t even say anything that should make me cry! I do love Will though! That was the weirdest thing of all time though! I just miss really nice old people I guess! And he kind of reminds me of the guy from Up. Anyways it was good to see little kingston! I love that kid! And Titan. He is talking so good! Really it was good to see all of you! Grandma looks great and really you all look great! Sorry I had a headache!  I hate having a sick companion. It stresses me out! 
   Anyways love  you! Sorry I wrote so late again! Can´t wait to get the Taylor Swift shirt! I´m so excited! Anyways I will get your package tomorrow! But love you!
Our May 8th Mother's Day Skype!!

He bought a new hat

The beloved tag pic at the beach

Huts on the beach

"Moses" parting the red sea

They had to cross a river to get to the beach

Boats used to smuggle drugs to mexico

´´Surf-board´´  Like that one song by Rihanna. ´´We be online!!!! Wahhhhh-aaaaa-ooooo  wahhhhhhh-aaaaa-ooooo´´ I have no idea what the real lyrics are but I´m pretty sure that is it. (I think he meant Beyoncé's song, haha)

Rockin his new vest at the temple

Bryson with Elder Daughrty

Bryson With Elder Montepeque & Elder Zumba


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week #37-Good Week

Hello mom! It was a really good week! So we were working with Fe and An this whole flipping week and they were all excited for the baptism and everything and then Fe got all freaked out because he told me that his dad would hit him if he got baptized so I was like you´ve got to be kidding me! So we talked with the dad and he told us that he wasn´t sure if they should get baptized or not because even though he doesn´t go to a church he wants them to be Evangelicos. So I was confused because the mom told us that the dad was totally fine with it but whatever. So he told us that he would interview them and if they seem ready to him then he will let us do it this Saturday. We just ran into the dad just barely too. Anyways so that happened.
    After that we went with N who is their brother but not really because he doesn´t want anything to do with his mom or his brother and sister. He calls his grandma his mom and he lives with her. He had never accepted a baptismal date and we started talking with him about the baptism. And we told him that he could do it tomorrow (which was friday) and he looked at his grandma and asked if he should do it and she said ``bautizase!`` I wanted to cry. So he said I`ll do it tomorrow. Then we saw him later that night and he told us that he was moving back to Honduras which was sad but he still wanted to do the baptism even though the church in Honduras is far away from his house. So he was really scared about the baptism but Saturday we baptized him.We were going to baptize his grandma too but she needed to get married to her boyfriend first so we had the wedding set and everything but they couldn´t find work here so they went back to Honduras! The old grandma hugged me and she was crying when they left! it was so sad! 
    In the baptism we were waiting for his cousin who is from the area of my district leader. The cousin is crazy and he has a lot of problems but he finally agreed to a baptismal date so my district leader wanted us to wait. He called us in the middle of the meeting and told us that we needed to stall. So we had 4 talks and the last one was from me! I literally cried the whole time because I was talking about how when we first met N he was crazy and he swore a lot and he lives in the worst enviroment ever but nevertheless he still reads his scriptures and says his prayers and goes to church every sunday. I made his grandma cry too! It was so sad but it was like a 15 minute talk and it turns out the cousin left the house and went gambling! I was so mad! We saw the cousin yesterday and he said sorry I wanted to come but at least I won! He won freaking 3 Quetzales! I was so mad! that is like 40 cents or something.
     Anyways today we went to some waterfalls in our area! It was the greatest P Day of all time! We went with our Ward mission leader Julio and his family! His son pushed me into the water! But I love his family! I have like 30000000 pictures! We need to go back there with you one day.
    Anyways everything is going good! I am happy to hear that Shalese is okay. We have an investigator who should get baptized this week for sure but his dad is 94 and the investigator is 15. I have no idea how the yale that works but I guess Abraham pulled off a milagro like that too. Stranger things have happened. The dad insists on sitting in on the lessons with us even though he can`t hear and he will pull out his bible randomly and say something that is completly absurd but way funny! He was evangelico. Anyways Sunday we are going to skype you! Tomorrow we are going to the temple! I hate the Bengals But at least the steelers got a corner! Good stuff! We have a meeting at 7 because we are doing soccer tournament and we need to get like 30000 kids ha ha! So I was thinking about what I want from the States. I want first, one of my steelers hats, a lot more of those bath and body works hand sanitizers! The kids love that stuff! I want more pens! And I want a lot of candy and The Taylor Swift shirt please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .  Talk to me fast! Love you! 
Baptism of N with family

Bryson, Elder Zumba and N


Julio (ward mission leader), his kids, Bryson and Elder Zumba

Julio's family on hike to waterfall

Elder Zumba

Riding in the back of a truck to the waterfall