Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week #36-Little Red Corvette Was One of my Favorite Songs!!

I was so shocked about Prince! I literally had Little Red Corvette stuck in my head the other day! I swear I receive revelation! Just personal revelation but that just goes to show you how much I liked Prince's songs that it was that personal to me! Crazy! also what the meat is going on with shalese? she is too young to have oshkin schlatters or whatever it is! (Shalese, Bryson's sister, is in the hospital with gall stones and pancreatitis, she will get her gall bladder removed on Wednesday) I hope that she is well!
    It was a good week  this week! We had contacted some lady who had like 14 years or something like that and then we went back to talk with her mom and teach her family! Her mom came out and appearantly she had read the pamphlet that we had dropped off on the Plan of salvation which usually is good. she was very skeptical about the whole "spirit world" thing because she had put in her mind that we are all ghosts after this life and we just haunt people which is weird. But we tried to explain that it isn't like that! so I showed her a scripture in 1 Peter that talks about the spirit world but I will be honest, I know The Book of Mormon really well and The Old Testement, but I have no idea where any book in The New Testement is excpet for Mateo, Lucas, Marcos y Juan. so I was trying to look up the scripture and the lady was making fun of me because I was so slow and it was dark so I couldn't see my tabs! I thought "shut up lady! you have no friends!" and then she took my bible and I testify that the powers of satan came over her because as she took the Bible she accidently opened up to the very scripture that I had been looking for! I was so mad! she thought that she was pretty cool for that. I hope that she gets baptized one day but she totally rejected us.
      Other things that happened...... we are doing really good! We are hoping that we will have like 10000 baptisms this month. Pray for fernando analis and Noe because they should be getting baptized this week. 
    Elder Kahl called me yesterday and said "how would you feel if you got sent to the office?" I told him I would rather shove a rake down my throat but I'll go where they need me to go. But today we had a multi zone P day which was really fun. President Ruiz came too and we ate nachos and hotdogs. It reminds me of the hotdogs that they sell at the Bee's stadium that have nachos too. Everyone made fun of me for buying the hotdog with nachos! I feel good! Like the James brown song. But I would rather eat my left toe than work in the office. I asked president today if he was going to send me there and he told me that he prayed about it and that the Lord wants me in the field!  But it was so great! Elder Zumba is doing good! If he was a nut he would be a coconut! But his family luckily is okay! But his mom works in a hospital so she is busier than susan B. anothony. But love you! Email me!
Cemetery - "They bury people above ground"

Investigators-The sister on the bed hurt her leg and can't get up

Bryson said they spray paint the chickens there.

Investigators daughter






Study area

Cake they bought for members daughter's birthday

The rivers have garbage in them

The house looks like the house in Scary Movie

A huge mango

Julio's family

birthday girl


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