Monday, April 18, 2016

Week #35

 hey I am glad that you got my package! I don´t completly understand what the heck happened with the post office guy and how he knows the lady who sent the package! But yeah a dude named Jaimen Oruthia sent the package he is really cool, but Elder Menjivar called me and told me that he got in an accident and that he almost died, which is kind of sad, but I´m glad the package got there okay. I sent it like two weeks ago!
Anyways it was a good week. We had interviews with the President which is cool because it is the first interview that I have had! But the President is really happy with us and told us it is like we are opening our area because the missionaries that were here before didn´t do much ha ha! But I love this place we had so much success this week and hopefully we will have some baptisms coming up soon. Pray for Fernando, Analis, Noé and Soña. They are a  family that we have been working on and they are kind of hard because they live in front of a strip club and their family owns the strip club  ha ha! There is a lot of bad stuff there but sometimes you have to enter into the great and spacious building to bring people to the path (that doesn´t mean I entered the strip club I just have to walk in front of it sometimes dont worry ha ha).
My area is so pretty but it is the San Fransico of Guatemala there are so many hills and we are always dying.
The earthquake that was really bad was in my companions country (Ecuador) and yesterday he was freaking out because he thought his famiily was dead. I told him they were alright. But his family was actually affected. Just their house got destroyed but pray for him and his family.
 I found out that I sleep walk! Who knew? My companion told me that he was freaked out because I guess I jumped out of bed and started turning on and off the lights in the kitchen ha ha! He thought I was possesed. Also, that night I woke up with this incredible pain in my side! I had no idea what it was but I was positive it was a kidney stone for drinking so much coke! But I went into the bathroom because I was throwing up from the pain and I fell asleep on the shower floor and woke up and took a shower ha ha! I felt like Jim Carey in Yes Man ha ha.
This week we cast a spirit out of a possesed menos activo (less active member)! It was crazy! All you do is give them a blessing how the spirit tells you to do it! It is normal but they always try to attack you so you have to tie them down. That is a joke they don´t normally try to attack you ha ha! 
We brought seven people to stake conference this week which was cool. They seemed to like it even though it was kind of boring but hopefully they will all be baptized ha ha! Also something about my companion, He is great, he brings back memories of my beloved aunt Elena who I love and miss so much, Because they laugh exactally the same! He laughs literally at every word he says and it is so funny.
   Anyways good stuff! I am sorry my package was borderline lame but I didn´t have a lot of time to put it together! I hoped you liked everything! Also Steelers orario (schedule??) looks awesome! They better destroy! I am celoso (jealous??) of the snow there! But things are cooling down here! Anyways love you! Write me! 
The "San Francisco" of Guatemala

Great pic..........

With a members daughter-she's 11 (he always has to remind her that she can't touch him!)

Elder Zumba, Bryson's companion

member's daughter

                                                                Papi, member's dog


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