Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week #34-My companion is the biggest goofball that ever existed since Noah's Ark!

Hello mother it is good to hear from you! I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is I don't have to deal with my chambon companion anymore because (the bad news) I think he got sent home. It was a crazy week. They called us in the morning Friday and told us that they were coming in 30 minutes to pick up my companion. But they didn´t end up coming until 8 at night! And they came and dropped off Elder Zumba!
Anyways my 7th companion in 7 months in the mission is Elder Zumba (there is literally not anybody in Guatemala that doesn't say "can you dance the Zumba?") It is funny but it gets old. I always tell people that he gives free classes but they never believe me. He is from Ecuador and he is just a goof. I love him though. But he has a year in the mission! He is cool.  I love my mission because it is really fun I just don´t like having to deal with companion after companion who has problems. But I will deal with it ha ha! It seems like most of the gringos don´t break the rules and they know how to have fun. But freak I am glad because it will help me in the future. 
 You would be shocked to see the change of our ward when Elder S left! Everybody hated him (poor kid)! As soon as he left the members came flocking to us!!! But S left the area in really bad condition, with one investigator who is literally special ed. So we just have to find a crap ton of news ha ha! But it is going good. We found a family that was taught by my Grandpa Elder Fickes like a year ago and they are dope but their cousins just opened up a strip club across the street so obviously I am somewhat worried about that. But we brought investigators to church for the first time in this ward in like 2 months ha ha! the people were shocked! And then I bore my testimony yesterday so all the members know me now.
For Pday I ate at this awful burger place! I wanted to throw up! ha ha but, tortillas are literally the worst things of all time! We pretty much did nothing today. We played soccer and that was it.
Anyways good week! President Ruiz only has like two months left so we have to get cooking! 
 I love you. Shalese's story about the tamale Guatemalan dude literally made me cry I hope he doesn't have allergies anymore! (Shalese, Bryson's sister,  had a man from Guatemala approach her in a parking lot in Utah and ask her if she wanted to buy tamales that his wife made, and he had bad allergies, so she bought him some medicine) Anyways I love you! I miss you and don't worry we only have to wait a month to talk!
You wouldn´t believe what I did this week! do you want to hear about it? (Of course I said yes, ha!)
So the Evangelists here always get huge speakers and a microphone and sit on the corner and preach to the whole world and sing the weirdest songs with the worst voices ever. So I was feeling pretty pumped for some reason and I asked him if I could say something and he didn´t want to look like a jerk so he let me have the microphone and I started preaching about the atonement in the  microphone and people started to gather around! then I started talking about the restoration and that there was only one true church and then the dude took the microphone away from me! But I got like 4 references out of it. I thought about what I was going to say before I asked him for the microphone! I told my companion ´´how much will you give me if I take the microphone and start preaching?´´ He said nothing but I did it anyways! It is just nice that you talk to hundreds and thousands of people about the Gospel. They don´t see us here as annoying kids who have no idea what they are doing (or at least most of them). They are amazed that young people exist who would chose to follow Jesus Christ instead of do what every other person in the world does. I like that feeling.  But I need to go! It is always good talking to you! I wish you were down here with us! But it´s good to email you!  But love you! I can´t wait until next month to talk with you! 
Shirt Bryson found for like 50 cents at the megapaca. He wore it on Pday and, of course, got made fun of!

Cards from Utah that were for sale at the Megapaca

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