Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week #33-Coatapeque!!

Hello mom!! I´m glad that you got to talk with Hermana Fuentes! She is really cool. Her parents helped me out so much in Compromiso! They gave me a sick belt that says "Elder Gallagher" but yeah that is cool that you got to talk with them. It was really sad leaving Mazate because it is like the best zone in the mission but it had to happen.
      Yesterday and today were really weird. We were locked in our houses all day yesterday after the conference. I have no idea about anything. Well our house didn´t have water so we slept in the hosue of my district leader which was cool.
    Coatapeque is not anything like Mazatenango or Retalhuleu. I don´t know how to explain it but I hate changes. It gets me out of my grove. My companion is from the group of Elder Menjivar.
 Also Coatapeque is awesome! And I am in barrio Coatapeque so I am in the center of it kind of. I live like two seconds away from one of the churches! The church is so small! There are pretty much no resturaunts. just Pollo Campero. We did nothing for P Day because we were locked in the house for a while but we ate with the zone.  But oh my goodness. My area is full of what we call "snakes" which are girls that try to seduce the missionaries! A dude went home a little while ago for trying to get with one of the girls here! They literally cat call in the street when we walk by! They are obsessed with my eyes! But oh my goodness they are really bad!
    Sorry for writing you late but it was as weird day! Anyways love you! Write me!
Baptism from March 19th, 2016

The following are pictures from his zone Las Flores Mazate. He got transferred to a new Zone on March 30th.

Fuentes Family

The following are more pictures from his adventure to the amusement park in Retalhuleu back on March 21, 2016


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