Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week #36-Little Red Corvette Was One of my Favorite Songs!!

I was so shocked about Prince! I literally had Little Red Corvette stuck in my head the other day! I swear I receive revelation! Just personal revelation but that just goes to show you how much I liked Prince's songs that it was that personal to me! Crazy! also what the meat is going on with shalese? she is too young to have oshkin schlatters or whatever it is! (Shalese, Bryson's sister, is in the hospital with gall stones and pancreatitis, she will get her gall bladder removed on Wednesday) I hope that she is well!
    It was a good week  this week! We had contacted some lady who had like 14 years or something like that and then we went back to talk with her mom and teach her family! Her mom came out and appearantly she had read the pamphlet that we had dropped off on the Plan of salvation which usually is good. she was very skeptical about the whole "spirit world" thing because she had put in her mind that we are all ghosts after this life and we just haunt people which is weird. But we tried to explain that it isn't like that! so I showed her a scripture in 1 Peter that talks about the spirit world but I will be honest, I know The Book of Mormon really well and The Old Testement, but I have no idea where any book in The New Testement is excpet for Mateo, Lucas, Marcos y Juan. so I was trying to look up the scripture and the lady was making fun of me because I was so slow and it was dark so I couldn't see my tabs! I thought "shut up lady! you have no friends!" and then she took my bible and I testify that the powers of satan came over her because as she took the Bible she accidently opened up to the very scripture that I had been looking for! I was so mad! she thought that she was pretty cool for that. I hope that she gets baptized one day but she totally rejected us.
      Other things that happened...... we are doing really good! We are hoping that we will have like 10000 baptisms this month. Pray for fernando analis and Noe because they should be getting baptized this week. 
    Elder Kahl called me yesterday and said "how would you feel if you got sent to the office?" I told him I would rather shove a rake down my throat but I'll go where they need me to go. But today we had a multi zone P day which was really fun. President Ruiz came too and we ate nachos and hotdogs. It reminds me of the hotdogs that they sell at the Bee's stadium that have nachos too. Everyone made fun of me for buying the hotdog with nachos! I feel good! Like the James brown song. But I would rather eat my left toe than work in the office. I asked president today if he was going to send me there and he told me that he prayed about it and that the Lord wants me in the field!  But it was so great! Elder Zumba is doing good! If he was a nut he would be a coconut! But his family luckily is okay! But his mom works in a hospital so she is busier than susan B. anothony. But love you! Email me!
Cemetery - "They bury people above ground"

Investigators-The sister on the bed hurt her leg and can't get up

Bryson said they spray paint the chickens there.

Investigators daughter






Study area

Cake they bought for members daughter's birthday

The rivers have garbage in them

The house looks like the house in Scary Movie

A huge mango

Julio's family

birthday girl


Monday, April 18, 2016

Week #35

 hey I am glad that you got my package! I don´t completly understand what the heck happened with the post office guy and how he knows the lady who sent the package! But yeah a dude named Jaimen Oruthia sent the package he is really cool, but Elder Menjivar called me and told me that he got in an accident and that he almost died, which is kind of sad, but I´m glad the package got there okay. I sent it like two weeks ago!
Anyways it was a good week. We had interviews with the President which is cool because it is the first interview that I have had! But the President is really happy with us and told us it is like we are opening our area because the missionaries that were here before didn´t do much ha ha! But I love this place we had so much success this week and hopefully we will have some baptisms coming up soon. Pray for Fernando, Analis, Noé and Soña. They are a  family that we have been working on and they are kind of hard because they live in front of a strip club and their family owns the strip club  ha ha! There is a lot of bad stuff there but sometimes you have to enter into the great and spacious building to bring people to the path (that doesn´t mean I entered the strip club I just have to walk in front of it sometimes dont worry ha ha).
My area is so pretty but it is the San Fransico of Guatemala there are so many hills and we are always dying.
The earthquake that was really bad was in my companions country (Ecuador) and yesterday he was freaking out because he thought his famiily was dead. I told him they were alright. But his family was actually affected. Just their house got destroyed but pray for him and his family.
 I found out that I sleep walk! Who knew? My companion told me that he was freaked out because I guess I jumped out of bed and started turning on and off the lights in the kitchen ha ha! He thought I was possesed. Also, that night I woke up with this incredible pain in my side! I had no idea what it was but I was positive it was a kidney stone for drinking so much coke! But I went into the bathroom because I was throwing up from the pain and I fell asleep on the shower floor and woke up and took a shower ha ha! I felt like Jim Carey in Yes Man ha ha.
This week we cast a spirit out of a possesed menos activo (less active member)! It was crazy! All you do is give them a blessing how the spirit tells you to do it! It is normal but they always try to attack you so you have to tie them down. That is a joke they don´t normally try to attack you ha ha! 
We brought seven people to stake conference this week which was cool. They seemed to like it even though it was kind of boring but hopefully they will all be baptized ha ha! Also something about my companion, He is great, he brings back memories of my beloved aunt Elena who I love and miss so much, Because they laugh exactally the same! He laughs literally at every word he says and it is so funny.
   Anyways good stuff! I am sorry my package was borderline lame but I didn´t have a lot of time to put it together! I hoped you liked everything! Also Steelers orario (schedule??) looks awesome! They better destroy! I am celoso (jealous??) of the snow there! But things are cooling down here! Anyways love you! Write me! 
The "San Francisco" of Guatemala

Great pic..........

With a members daughter-she's 11 (he always has to remind her that she can't touch him!)

Elder Zumba, Bryson's companion

member's daughter

                                                                Papi, member's dog


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bryson sent us stuff from Guatemala!!

Bryson says in his letter that he's sorry for not sending us stuff sooner, but that they do really fun things on Pday, so they don't have time to do a lot of shopping. He told me happy birthday and mother's day and that he can't wait to talk with us on Skype. He hopes he can find a better computer than the one he had for Christmas. He says it feels like he's only been away from home for 3 days, but it's already been 7 months and that he thinks about his last day at home and how he would kill for a DP Cheesesteak, haha! He says being a missionary is hard, but rewarding and he really loves it when we send him packages. He also wants me to keep watching football with his twin sister, Kelsey, so that she can learn it better and we can all watch football together when he gets home!
Our Guatemalan stash :) for me, his 2 sisters and his 2 nephews
Me (Bryson's mom) with my gifts and a hand written letter! I'm so excited!

My bracelet, which I decided to put on my ankle :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week #34-My companion is the biggest goofball that ever existed since Noah's Ark!

Hello mother it is good to hear from you! I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is I don't have to deal with my chambon companion anymore because (the bad news) I think he got sent home. It was a crazy week. They called us in the morning Friday and told us that they were coming in 30 minutes to pick up my companion. But they didn´t end up coming until 8 at night! And they came and dropped off Elder Zumba!
Anyways my 7th companion in 7 months in the mission is Elder Zumba (there is literally not anybody in Guatemala that doesn't say "can you dance the Zumba?") It is funny but it gets old. I always tell people that he gives free classes but they never believe me. He is from Ecuador and he is just a goof. I love him though. But he has a year in the mission! He is cool.  I love my mission because it is really fun I just don´t like having to deal with companion after companion who has problems. But I will deal with it ha ha! It seems like most of the gringos don´t break the rules and they know how to have fun. But freak I am glad because it will help me in the future. 
 You would be shocked to see the change of our ward when Elder S left! Everybody hated him (poor kid)! As soon as he left the members came flocking to us!!! But S left the area in really bad condition, with one investigator who is literally special ed. So we just have to find a crap ton of news ha ha! But it is going good. We found a family that was taught by my Grandpa Elder Fickes like a year ago and they are dope but their cousins just opened up a strip club across the street so obviously I am somewhat worried about that. But we brought investigators to church for the first time in this ward in like 2 months ha ha! the people were shocked! And then I bore my testimony yesterday so all the members know me now.
For Pday I ate at this awful burger place! I wanted to throw up! ha ha but, tortillas are literally the worst things of all time! We pretty much did nothing today. We played soccer and that was it.
Anyways good week! President Ruiz only has like two months left so we have to get cooking! 
 I love you. Shalese's story about the tamale Guatemalan dude literally made me cry I hope he doesn't have allergies anymore! (Shalese, Bryson's sister,  had a man from Guatemala approach her in a parking lot in Utah and ask her if she wanted to buy tamales that his wife made, and he had bad allergies, so she bought him some medicine) Anyways I love you! I miss you and don't worry we only have to wait a month to talk!
You wouldn´t believe what I did this week! do you want to hear about it? (Of course I said yes, ha!)
So the Evangelists here always get huge speakers and a microphone and sit on the corner and preach to the whole world and sing the weirdest songs with the worst voices ever. So I was feeling pretty pumped for some reason and I asked him if I could say something and he didn´t want to look like a jerk so he let me have the microphone and I started preaching about the atonement in the  microphone and people started to gather around! then I started talking about the restoration and that there was only one true church and then the dude took the microphone away from me! But I got like 4 references out of it. I thought about what I was going to say before I asked him for the microphone! I told my companion ´´how much will you give me if I take the microphone and start preaching?´´ He said nothing but I did it anyways! It is just nice that you talk to hundreds and thousands of people about the Gospel. They don´t see us here as annoying kids who have no idea what they are doing (or at least most of them). They are amazed that young people exist who would chose to follow Jesus Christ instead of do what every other person in the world does. I like that feeling.  But I need to go! It is always good talking to you! I wish you were down here with us! But it´s good to email you!  But love you! I can´t wait until next month to talk with you! 
Shirt Bryson found for like 50 cents at the megapaca. He wore it on Pday and, of course, got made fun of!

Cards from Utah that were for sale at the Megapaca

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week #33-Coatapeque!!

Hello mom!! I´m glad that you got to talk with Hermana Fuentes! She is really cool. Her parents helped me out so much in Compromiso! They gave me a sick belt that says "Elder Gallagher" but yeah that is cool that you got to talk with them. It was really sad leaving Mazate because it is like the best zone in the mission but it had to happen.
      Yesterday and today were really weird. We were locked in our houses all day yesterday after the conference. I have no idea about anything. Well our house didn´t have water so we slept in the hosue of my district leader which was cool.
    Coatapeque is not anything like Mazatenango or Retalhuleu. I don´t know how to explain it but I hate changes. It gets me out of my grove. My companion is from the group of Elder Menjivar.
 Also Coatapeque is awesome! And I am in barrio Coatapeque so I am in the center of it kind of. I live like two seconds away from one of the churches! The church is so small! There are pretty much no resturaunts. just Pollo Campero. We did nothing for P Day because we were locked in the house for a while but we ate with the zone.  But oh my goodness. My area is full of what we call "snakes" which are girls that try to seduce the missionaries! A dude went home a little while ago for trying to get with one of the girls here! They literally cat call in the street when we walk by! They are obsessed with my eyes! But oh my goodness they are really bad!
    Sorry for writing you late but it was as weird day! Anyways love you! Write me!
Baptism from March 19th, 2016

The following are pictures from his zone Las Flores Mazate. He got transferred to a new Zone on March 30th.

Fuentes Family

The following are more pictures from his adventure to the amusement park in Retalhuleu back on March 21, 2016