Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week #32-Beaster Bunny

Hello woman! (Jesus called the women that he loved "woman" so don´t worry it is very affectionate) Wow the Holy Week is literally the least holy week that has ever existed. The traditions here are literally insane! I have never been more shocked. Wednesday the people ran around and celebrated Judas! Why would anybody ever celebrate him! They carry a doll around that looks like Judas and ask for money from people so that they can by more alcohol! It is brilliant but I don´t know why the people pay them. I tried to take pictures, but the drunk people get mad when you don´t pay and you take pictures and I sure as heck wasn´t going to pay so they could down another fifth of cheap vodka! also they literally crucify people. The don´t kill them but they tie them to a cross and whip them and stuff. What a great place.
   Yeah we tried contacting pretty much this whole week because most of the members just wanted to sleep all day and not help us or they were at the beach. "Let´s go to the beach, beach let´s go to the beach" - Niki Manaje (I think) But yeah everyone had work off so I was like "sweet everyone has work off so lets find some new people!" Well that is not how it worked ha ha! The streets of Compromiso were literally empty! And it was hotter than a beefy crunch burrito outside! Somebody told me that it got up to 37 degrees which would maybe be cool if I knew what that meant ha ha. The F degrees are better than the C degrees I have realized. But the good news is that La Semana Santa is pretty much the hottest time of the year and now it is over and now it is going to rain for 800000 days. 
    There was this kid bugging me in church yesterday and I have the awesome hand sanatizer that Shalese sent me attached to my bag. So the little kid asked me what it was and I told him it was candy from the U.S.A. and then of course he asked me for some and I debated if I should give him some or not and the mean side took over me and I gave him a little drop of it. He looked at his hand for a good 10 seconds debating if it was candy or not and licked it off ha ha! His face instantly turned into a face of saddness. Through my uncontrolable laughter I asked him if he liked it and he nodded his head! I laughed so hard but felt kind of bad. I bet he won´t ever bug me again.
   Yesterday was my companions birthday! I felt bad for him because the members said that they were going to make him a cake but they forgot. I felt really bad. So I gave him 50 Quetzales and told him to go wild. Also I memorized The Living Christ in Spanish because Presidente Ruiz asked all of us to do it. So I did it and he asked me and my companion to present it in sacrament meeting yesterday. My companion on the other hand did not memorize it so he just tried to read along with me while I recited it but he got way lost and just muttered inaudible words the whole time ha ha! It was terrible but I felt good that I memorized all of it! Good stuff.
   Anyways I am shocked to hear about Antwan Blake! He was awesome! I loved him at corner! They better draft a corner this year! When is the draft? Also nice picture of Titan! It looks like he was sniffing too much vinegar ha ha! Anyways I love you! I hope your easter was good! Email me fast! I might have changes this week. 
Missing Uncle Brys this Easter (Bryson's nephew, Titan)

Our attempt at a Guatemala Flag Egg, haha

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