Monday, March 21, 2016

Week #31

So I have good news! And kind of sad news. So finally today we went to the amusement park here in Guatemala because our zone is doing really good right now so the President let us go to Xetulu! It was fun. But the sad news is the missionary who was the AP when I got into the field in october got shot and killed yesterday which is really sad. His name is Elder Fifita and he obviously finished his mission in October but he was driving a car in Los Angeles, home from a church dance and I have no idea why but some gangsters shot at the car and ended up killing him. The President was heartbroken today. I remember Elder Fifita. He was the first missionary I talked to when I got here. He was a way good missionary. Anyways he has two cousins in the mission so they cut Xetulu short. But its rough. I couldn´t believe it when they told us.
    But it was a really good week. We baptized Na and Hu on Friday which was actually kind of sad because when we went to their house to take them to the church none of their family wanted to come and watch! I was so mad (like the Neo song)! The dad and their three brothers and sister didn´t even come! And the bishop told me that he was going to come but I called him and he told me that he couldn´t anymore like 2 minutes before the service started and didn´t give me a reason why. I have faith that the leaders are chosen by God in every ward and branch in the world but they are so lazy here in Guatemala. I told the bishop that I should be bishop! Just kidding that is prideful but true! Anyways it was really good inspite of the fact that there were only like 2 of us at the baptism.
    Another miracle that happened is that Fe who we baptized the week before showed up Sunday to get confirmed! So I don´t know if you knew this but converts are baptized during the week and then confirmed the following sunday during sacrament meeting. But she didn´t show up last week the day after her baptism and if you go two weeks after without getting confirmed you have to baptize them again which really sucks because it is like the first baptism didn´t even happen. So we went to her house early in the morning to bring her to church and her little sister told us that she had already left to go to the church so we left to go to church. We got there at 8 o´clock and of course there were only  two people in the whole chapel. And she wasn´t answering her phone! I was so mad! But she showed up during sacrament (and they have a rule here that if you show up during the sacrament you can´t enter the chapel or receive the sacrament outside of the chapel! I told them that rule is stupid but nobody cares about my opinion.) But apparently she got robbed the night before and that is why she didn´t have her cell phone but good crap, am I right?
    You totally dropped stones in the Styx concert!!!! It´s literally a rule that you have to acknowledge the Steelers when they play Renegade! But hopefully you redeemed yourself by doing the robot when they played Mr. Roboto. Also I have many pictures this week so buckle up!
  Love you and email me fast! I laughed my face off about the Josh baseball thing! (The local newspaper had an article that showed a picture of his friend, Josh, that stated the high school baseball team, lead by Josh C., are headed to the baseball playoffs-Josh is serving a mission in Honduras, haha)


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