Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week #30

Hey! Sorry this is kind of late! And it is even later because the whole day light savings thing! But this week was so stressful but awesome!
   So we had been teaching this young lady named F and it is a really weird story because she is a reference from this guy in our ward and she is 14 years old. But get this her boyfriend, who is the member who gave us the reference, is 22 years old. He went on  mission for 2 weeks and came back because he got really sick from being away from home (Guatemalans pretty much never leave their city in their entire lives).But yeah he is 9 years older than her and she is literally 14 years old. I was so shocked. She was born in this millennium. But we´d been teaching her for a while and this week we got permission from her parents to baptize her. So Saturday when we were getting ready for the baptism she called us and told us that she had lost the permission slip thing (my fault I shouldn´t have left it with her) and her parents pretty much don´t live in her house and we can´t baptize anyone without permission. But by some miracle we were walking by a bar and there was her dad ready to buy a beer! So we got the permission again! I don´t like baptizing kids without their parents but there was nothing that we could do. She wanted to do it so we did it. 
    We met some less active members this week and one of them is really sick! She has really weak bones so just when she walks the bones at the bottom of her leg bends. So her leg looks like rubber at the bottom. Well she has a really weak immune system as well and she got bit by a mosquito that had zica so she was pretty much dying. So we gave her a blessing and the next day she got healed. But she told us that there were a ton of her family members that had died that were with her when she was really sick waiting for her to die! But crazy stuff!
   Today was a good day. They got permission to watch that new movie Zootopia so we watched an awesome bootlegged version of it on the TV in the church. It was literally the most frustrating thing of all time! It was surely not Jerry Seinfeld quality. I think it would´ve been an awesome movie if it wasn´t in Spanish and if the guy who filmed it didn´t have parkinsons. But it was still funny. The guys who work at the DMV are sloths! How classic! You have to see it!
   Anyways nothing new. I found out how to take out my money from my debit card so that is good. And I hope everything went well with free agency! Ladarius Green is cool but I will miss Health Miller! And why would Eric Weddle not choose the Steelers! How awful! But such is life! I´m glad to hear that you did well on your talk! I wish I could have heard it! You always do good on your talks! And Kelsey too!
   Anyways love you and email me fast!
I got sick this week which was funny but I feel better! the thing that I am most sick with is the lack of Taylor Swift! yesterday a less active showed me that she came out with a new song and I almost cried because I didn´t know. When I come back home I am only going to listen to Taylor Swift.
Vendor carts sit outside the church and wait for church to get over in hopes people will buy stuff. Bryson said "Satan is tempting people to buy stuff on Sunday." Ha!


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