Monday, March 7, 2016

Week #29

Hey mom! To start! I sent you pictures of me last week! I swear it! Ha ha I bought those pants in the MegaPaca for 2 dollars! And the shirt was a little more expensive but it was fun (in the last picture from last week, the pic where they are wearing roller blades, Bryson is wearing the most ridiculous outfit, that's why he sent me an explanation). My ankles were bleeding this whole week from skating! I probably have cankles now. I don´t even know what cankles are but it seems like nobody ever wants them! I want them.
   So I have a lot of good stories this week. I will chose three to tell. So we found a new investigator this week named Daniel and he has the nicest Chiuawa (how the freak do you spell it?) of all time! It made Pitt look like Hitler (Pit is our family chihuahau). But anyways he is a really good kid! He got in a motorcycle accident a little while ago and he ended up killing his aunt and his two cousins which is really sad and he was in the hospital for like two months. We taught him the plan of salvation and all that and get this! When I called him in the  morning to see if he was ready to go to church, he told me he had been waiting for us since 6 o´clock because he didn´t want to disappoint us! He woke up at five to go to 8 o´clock church! He is so funny when we came into the church with him he went up to every person and said hi! And he was trying to talk with me during all of the sacrament! It was so classic! 
   Another thing that is sad but kind of funny is that I was teaching a family of investigators outside of their house yesterday because their family has a baptism date for the 19th. And this guy who is a less active that we have been working with stumbles up to us completely hammered! And I was in the  middle of teaching The Word of Wisdom! So the dude comes up to me and I was really sad because he is a member that we have been working with for a long time and I have never seen anybody so hammered in my entire life. But we had to walk him to his house which was like 5 steps away because he literally couldn´t make it. Elder Menjivar and I practically carried him to his house and he told me that he loved me. But after that I told them that that is the perfect example of why we should follow the Word of Wisdom. Tender mercy I would say.
   Another thing that happened is we were walking past a bar on the way to an appointment and a drunk dude asked me for some pamphlets but I don´t like to give them out to drunk people because sometimes they use them to smoke weed (terrible but true). But he told me that he was a prophet! And I was like "oh good yale you have got to be kidding me" and then he told me that we were brothers and I humbly agreed. Then he shook my hand then hugged me and then he grabbed my head and kissed my forehead and told me that I was clean of my sins. I thanked him for his mercy on a sinner like me and everybody that watched laughed. Good crap.
    That was pretty much it. For P Day we did The Amazing Race and it was so much fun! I wish i had time to tell you all about it because it was so funny and my team won! Anyways things are good. I am really stressed but I´m doing better. Anyways love you and miss you! Email me!
I had to climb down into a well for one of my investigators to retrieve their buckets that they dropped down there! It was scary but fun. the entire time I was thinking about the movie The Ring and I expected a dead girl at the bottom of the well to grab me.
Elder Menjivar took nearly 30 pictures of it because it was night time and they didn´t have flash lights so he had to use the flash from my camera to illuminate the well! It made things a thousand times more scary! Every flash I expected that creepy girl to be looking at me from the bottom of the well.
I asked Bryson to give me a story of how the Holy Ghost has comforted him because I have to give a talk on that subject in Sacrament Meeting this week. Here is his response (I cried like a baby):
So my first week in the field I got so freaking sick! It was conference sunday and I couldn´t understand any of the talks and I had a way high fever and the worst headache of all time! During the conference I started throwing up and every thirty minutes I had to leave to throw up. So finally they just had me sleep on a bench outside so I could throw up.
   Then we went home so I could rest and I continued to throw up but I was so thirsty! So finally the nurses came and took me to this crappy little apartment (although it was 500 times nicer than my apartment) to put an IV in me. The nurse did not speak any english and I had no idea what to do because I had never needed an IV before. So for some reason she decided to put the needle in my freaking wrist! And you know how scared I am of needles! and she could not find the vein to save her life but decided to go for it anyways which was awesome. Of course she screwed up and she had to do it again! And I was bleeding and nervous and throwing up the whole time! So she tried again and it hurt so bad! And then from the chemicals my body felt like it was on fire form the inside which made the 50000 degree weather even worse.
    After that I sat there and I was thinking to myself that there was literally no way that I could do that for two years. I was only thinking about how disappointed you would be when you got the call that I was coming home. The room literally looked dark like there was a shadow that was closing in on me. And I fell asleep trying to figure out how to say in Spanish "Give me the phone so I can tell president Ruiz that I am going home"
   Luckily I woke up and I started thinking about Jesus and how he suffered all of my bad feelings and pains and doubts and all of that. And as I thought about that stuff the shadow in the room seemed to retreat. And I finally came out of my self pitty and ate some soup. 
    I know that it was the Spirit that helped me feel like those problems would pass and that everything would be okay. Another name for the Spirit is The Comforter, but also The Savior has another name of the Comforter as well. For me they both helped me in this experience, The Spirit by giving me the will power and the feelings of comfort in order to come out of my self pitty and Jesus because I knew that he already suffered what I suffered and also that He knew that I could get through it. And here I am 6 months later having the time of my life (like the song).
with a member's daughter

He had to climb down a well to get buckets that had been dropped

Photo bombed, haha

Zone getting ready to play the Amazing Race


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