Monday, February 29, 2016

Week #28

Hey sorry I just spent like 20 minutes praying that this stupid thing will start working! It told me that the server was down so I tried like a million things to try to fix it! And then out of no where it started working but I hope you get all of my emails! This week was so miraculous! But really sad at the same time! It strengthened my testimony but other than that it was a really hard week and I have never been more frustrated in my entire life
   So Saturday was supposed to be the day that M got baptized! And she was planning on doing it and all excited and everything. It was her little boy´s birthday on Wednesday so we bought a cake for him because M is really poor. They sometimes only eat tortillas and water for dinner which is really sad. It´s because her husband doesn´t have a job and when he does side jobs he just goes and gets drunk. So we were fasting for her and everything because her husband wouldn´t give her permission to be baptized and usually when we try to talk to him he is drunk. She tells us that sometimes when he gets mad he pulls a machete on her which sucks. Getting divorced would be too hard. He is going to have a lot to answer for if he doesn´t repent. Well we went over to her house Wednesday to celebrate her son´s birthday. So we get there and she told us that her husband finally found a job for a really good company. We were fasting and praying that her husband would get a job so that he wouldn´t drink as much! It was such a miracle and she knew it! So we asked her if we could talk to her husband and she didn´t want us to but we knew that we could convince him to say yes. So we talked with him for a while and it was a good talk because he wasn´t drunk. We asked him for permission and he told us if she really wanted to then she could so we were all happy. So the next day we started making plans for the baptism and all that fun stuff and she told us that she was to scared and she didn´t have the desire anymore. I told her that if she didn´t get baptized the blessings wouldn´t come to her family that they need. But she still decided no! I told her if she really wanted to follow Jesus that she needed to be baptized but nothing worked! I literally used every scripture that talks about baptism and she did not care at all! So of course God provided a way for her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized and she rejected it! And her husband lost his job and now they are poorer than ever! I feel so bad for her! But we warned her! We told her everything! She freaking broke my heart! But life goes on.
    We had 11 people committed to go to the church and when we passed by all of their houses they either hid, weren´t there or came up with some excuse! I was so mad! I literally thought that all 11 were going to come. We worked so hard this week and I feel like we have nothing to show for it. It turns out one of our awesome investigators is a lesbian which is awesome (sarcastic). So that was pretty much my week. We lost about 7 progressing investigators this week. It was rough. I have never worked harder for a worse finish in my entire life. It is like somebody that runs a marathon and sprints 26 miles and dies right in front of the finish line! I wanted to cry yesterday. It sucked big time.
  Anyways don't swim in the water in Alcatraz there are sharks. If I were you I would stay in the snow of Utah because it is beautiful and cold. Today we went roller skating which was so much fun. My poor companion has bruises all over his body from falling. It reminded me of the time that I went to a party in high school and I jumped like 50 garbage cans on roller skates. The Glory days! Like the song.
   Love you email me!
I asked Bryson what he eats everyday and this is his response:
Everyday I eat scrambled eggs and beans, in the morning, frosted mini wheats or cookie crisp, for lunch whatever the members want to give me or Taco Bell! It isn´t anything too bad. A lady gave me a heaping bowl of a stew of cow hooves which was not very good but it was edible so I ate it.
I asked Bryson if he gets to drink milk in Guatemala and here was his response:
We have a fridge! So it´s in a box but I put it in the fridge! But it tastes good once there is a little flavor form the sugar in the  milk! I can tolerate it. A little kid came up to me and asked me if I wanted to buy milk. I told him I would have to think about it because sometimes people put water in the milk and I´m a gringo so I get sick really easy. He said "yeah we put water in the milk" I said "that´s what I thought!" I told him I need to see if the cow weighs more than 800 pounds and if it does I will buy some. My investigators were right there and they thought I was crazy because nobody gets my humor here.

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