Monday, February 22, 2016

Week #27-2 weeks worth!

I prayed this morning that I would be blessed enough to hear from my missionary after not hearing from him for 2 weeks! It was brutal. He ended up emailing super early today, so that made me happy. I asked Bryson how he was feeling and this was his response: "I am literally getting fat which is good but I don´t want to be fat. I thought that i did but I don´t. My six pack got eaten by tortillas and chicken. I know I need to weigh myself because it is appearant that I am getting bigger! "
Here are his letters from the last 2 weeks!

February 15:
Hey mom! This week was alright but kind of rough. It was a good week for the first 6 days but yesterday was pretty bad.
   So last Monday we went out to work and we taught a lesson to an investigator named D who is cool but her parents are not the greatest so it will be hard to get permission to baptize her. But after we were going to another appointment, and I had a feeling to go talk with a family that we had contacted earlier in the week! They weren´t really positive when we contacted them so I didn´t want to go but I thought maybe we should go talk to them anyways. So we went and they guy was like, "I´ve been waiting for you guys all day!" which never happens. Anyways it turns out that this guy and his wife had a day set to get married and to get baptized about a year ago but then the missionaries who were teaching them both had changes and the new missionaries forgot to teach them. So the guy waited for like 3 weeks in the morning for the missionaries to take him to church but they never came so he stopped going to church. Crazy! Anyways we hope that we can get them to church and get them married and baptized soon. They couldn´t go to church this Sunday because he had to work but he told us that he was going to drop his work on Sundays. So hopefully they turn out good. He wants to go on a mission with his wife when he gets older and wanted to get married in the temple! So hopefully everything works out good.
   Also M for some reason wasn´t home when we went to bring her to church yesterday so that was really rough because now we have to put her baptism off another week. But hopefully on the 27th her and her son will get baptized. We talked with her husband yesterday when he was way drunk. He said a lot of bad words and I feel really bad for her because the husband beats her sometimes and he is a member for crying out loud. I realized all the fathers here beat their kids. I got mad at a member yesterday for beating his 2 year old and told him that President Hinkley said that that is top 5 of the greatest sins of all time (I have no idea if he said that but maybe he did). It´s a real problem here. But yeah we are just working to find some new investigators who are positive. Yesterday we contacted like 1000 people yesterday and they were all Evangleicos and did not want to talk to us at all. It was rough. It was a rough day because we couldn´t find any of our investigators in the morning yesterday so we had none in the church. It was a heart breaker.
      Hopefully this week goes better. Today we went exploring a little in Samayac which is the area of Elder Johnson and me and Elder Johnson saw enchanted candles from a witch cave so I am kind of scared. It was probably a bad idea. I will send you pictures of the candles.
   Anyways love you guys! Freak I was reading your lyrics to the Psych theme song and I was like what the heck this sounds like the Psych theme song and then I was like, It is the Psych theme song! I love that episode when everybody is in love with Sean because he is in the soap opera. Literally everyone is obsessed with soap operas here.
   Anyways I´ll send pictures but write me fast.
February 22nd:
There weren´t very many big highlights this week. We found some awesome people and a lot of families so hopefully they can freaking get baptized! This Saturday we have the baptism for poor M. And it is literally 700000 degrees here right now and they tell me it is just going to get worse.
   So last Monday I had an ingrown toenail and it was the worst thing of all time so I decided to perform surgery on my toe with my pocketknife and toenail clippers! It was literally the most painful thing of all time but my toe feels better. I didn´t want the nurses to do it so I thought that it would be better if I did it. It felt like in Rambo: First Blood when Rambo gets cut and then sews up his own wound. I think I am more of a man because of it.
   A few days ago we helped this old man chop a freaking mountain of wood which was really hard because their axes here really suck and it was 5000 degrees. I was literally sweating more than I have ever sweated in my entire life! I looked like Josh at school dances. And it was at the begining of the day so the rest of the day I was just a huge sweat monster. It was rough. But at least I know if the whole school thing doesn´t work out when I get home I can just grow my beard out and be a lumber jack up in the Uintas.
    My companion is doing better with the whole "talking in the lessons" thing. One of our investigators said "why does he never talk" in front of my companion and he was sad. He told me that he is trying to be better. What a good kid!
The catholics are starting off "la semana santa" with parades of Jesus carrying his cross and stuff. And get this in Samayac they actually do a live reenactment of the crucifiction! They pay a dude a ton of money to get drunk and carry the cross and get whipped! And then they just tie him to the cross. But he actually gets drunk so he doesn´t feel the whip! Freak I want to go to Samayac!
Mango season is starting which is cool. A nice hermana is going to make me a vest out of that beautiful skirt that I bought and wore last week. Speaking of that! Appearantly it is illegal to dress like that! I had no idea but a cop told me that it was illegal and was about to give me a ticket! It is a big part of their culture for the women to wear skirts out of that kind of material which is called "corte" so I probably shouldn´t have worn it all day but what are they going to do? Kick me off the football team? Ha ha 
   Anyways it was a good week and hopefully we get some baptisms for hecks sake! It it too much to ask?! 
   Anyways love you! Hopefully you don´t ignore all of my emails like you did last week! Just kidding!

Cave in Samayac

Standing on top of a fountain

In the cave at Samayac

A "witches candle" in the cave

Hiking to the Cave
The "Sacred Grove" of Guatemala

chickens the ward mission leader raises to cock fight

Kids gambling....Bryson was appalled 

The ward mission leaders dog named Perla

A park where the whole District set up a "Book of Mormon Museum" to teach the people.

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