Monday, February 8, 2016

Week #25

So it was sad to see Elder Varela go but whatever that is life! But I got my new companion named Elder Me from El Salvador he is an awesome kid and I´m training him! Well I´m finishing up the second half of his training. He was in the hottest zone in all of the mission and now he is here in Mazate.
   Anyways he is so cool! He used to be a gangster in El Salvador and he also played in a really good soccer league too so obviously he wants to play soccer with the ward but I hate playing soccer and we have to work ha ha. But anyways he told me some of the stories from his past, he is a twin!!! His dad named him and his twin brother the same name!! The have the exact same name and they looked, and dressed exactally the same!  He is shorter than me and pretty stout I would say. But he has three dogs and they are all bred to fight other dogs. He says he hates it because he doesn´t like it when the dogs die, which is always. But he´s the real deal. He also likes 50 cent and has a Jehova´s wittness girlfriend which is funny. He is an awsome kid. I love him. 
    It was a rough week, changes always jack stuff up. For some reason our investigator Y, disappeared and she was really positive. I have no idea where she went and nobody can get a hold of her, I hope she is alright. But she has a baptisimal date for the 17th so hopefully she turns up before then.
    We have been teaching a lady who´s husband is a member of the church, but he is less active and really alcoholic. We found him one night and walked him to his house so he didn´t get robbed because it was late at night and people love robbing drunk people. But we walked him to his house and started teaching his wife and then the husband started screaming the most awful stuff of all time at his wife and she started crying. But we taught her the plan of salvation and the Spirit was really strong. But she went to church and seemed like she enjoyed it. She has family that are active members as well so hopefully her and her son get baptized the 20th. 
   As far as other stuff. We aren´t having a lot of luck finding new people because this week is like a huge party week here in Guatemala and literally everybody is in the center of Mazate getting drunk. But may the Lord be with us this week. It is Carnaval here.
   This is the first year I haven´t watched the superbowl and I´m not even sad. Kingston is the cutest baby ever! I know a lot of those people from our ward. One of them got kicked in the face by Neo. Good for Jake Foster. A lot of people in my zone know him they will be happy to hear that he is back. Hermana Moore is one of the greatest sister missionaries of all time. Good for Annie Giles!
   Anyways love you! Email me fast!
I asked Bryson how he feels and this was his response:
I feel good! It is the first week that I haven´t been pooping liquid in nearly 4 months. It is really fun to train! I have never been so outgoing in my whole life. I found a sick hat in the megapaca. I realized that I should just make grilled cheese when I am hungry and it has been working out so far. I also weigh 154 pounds! I am getting fat mom!!!! I gained like 15 pound in two weeks. But we are going to the gym so I will work of my belly. I found funyuns in the store that were way expensive but I bought them and took a picture. I´ll send you pictures right now.
beautiful area in his mission

The beloved AM Crunch wrap

Bryson & Elder Ramirez getting ready to see if they have changes

Eating a whole pineapple

A family who helps the missionaries a lot

Bryson with "frosted tips" from tortilla flour

Beloved Funyuns

Holding an iguana

Tortilla Flour

Sister Mendoza and Bryson

A Steelers yogurt?? What the......

A pretty stream in his area

Bryson doing "the Lebron James" with flour instead of chalk, haha

Whole Pineapples for $1!

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