Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week #24

Oh my gosh I have never enjoyed life more in my life! This week was so much fun! The mission is good stuff! And oh my gosh the baby actually looks cute! He isn´t incredibly ugly like most newborns are! (Bryson got a new nephew on Feb. 1st )
   So first we had interchanges in the zone and I usually hate interchanges because they screw up the groove of everything and this week we couldn´t afford to have a groove screwed. But I got paired up with Elder Johnson and we worked our butts off in my area! I can´t think of a more fun day in my mission than Tuesday with Elder Johnson and Wednesday in the morning. So Elder Johnson is from Preston (where Napolean Dynamite was filmed) and he is this ginger dude who literally is the funniest person of all time! So we worked in the day and in the night I couldn´t sleep and Elder Johnson is a sleepwalker! He did it three times in the night and I thought he was possesed for sure! One of the times he freaking was just watching me standing at the side of my bed. And another time he just jumped out of bed and sprinted outside! Outside of the house! I couldn´t believe it! Anyways in the morning we went to Taco Bell and got the beloved AM Crunch wrap for breakfast. It was to live for!
    And then we got the videos from our families and they showed them in front of the whole zone! I was so nervous because I thought I was going to cry. But GOOD YAMS I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE IMPRESSED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!! LIterally my whole zone thinks that you guys are the greatest, most hilarious family which is true! Everyone´s parents sent them like scriputres and spiritual messages and you guys sent the sickest rap I have ever seen! Elder Ellgren was laughing so hard, everyone was! You guys are the best.
     then Saturday I baptized Kevin and Victor which was great. I thought Victor was going to run away again but everything turned out perfect and they both showed up. I forgot to take off my name tag the first time when I baptized Victor so I had to do it again! Why would nobody tell me?! And they showed up for their confirmations and everything! Also we baptized over 200 people this month so the videos worked! The President if freaking inspired!
    Also Varela is leaving pretty much tomorrow! His family is going to come which is cool because I will get to meet them. I´m going to miss Elder Varela. I love that dude! 
    And the best part of the week was three seconds ago when I saw the cute little pictures of tiny, Kingston! (Bryson's new nephew) Every time I think of him, I think of that song where it says, ´´Hey-o Sean, yes you mista Kingston´´ I don´t know why but that is what I am going to say to him when I meet him. 
     Anyways best week ever. Also I heard some Van Halen this week in the house of a member. He loves old american rock, especially Queen but he likes Van Halen too so that was nice. Love you I will send pics and congratulations on the whole being a grandma again ha ha! Love you guys send Shalese my love. I almost cried when I saw the picture of her with the baby! She looks so good! Stay healthy! Love all of you.
Baptism of Kevin and Victor (not sure who is who)

Baptism of Kevin and Victor

Bryson and Pitufa

Bryson fake eating a scorpion

They have to put blue paint in the font because the water is so gross

"The best drink ever" according to Bryson

Some little kid who likes taking pics of Bryson, so Bryson took a pic of him

Scorpion they killed

Sunset at La Plaza America

Taquitos a member taught him to make

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