Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week #22

Hey mom! So it was a pretty good week! I actually took pictures this week because I felt bad ha ha!
    So It was a good week! We have been teaching this 16 year old kid named Victor and both of his parents died so he is living with the family of our Ward Mission Leader. Anyways we have his baptisim planned for this Saturday (maybe in a river) so hopefully everything goes good. He´s pretty quiet but he seems ready for baptism. We announced his baptism to the ward this week in Sacrament meeting so I´m sure he feels a little bit obligated to get baptized now ha ha!
    Our other really good progressng investigator who was way positive told us the other day that his mom doesn´t want him to "play with God" so he can´t have lessons with us anymore which is crap because he is 19 years old! Where is the agency for hecks sakes. I will not lie, usually the mothers or the grandmothers are demons here because the always cause problems like that.
    But we found a really good new investigator who´s whole family is mormon and his cousin just got back from Brazil this week. So we taught him a lesson with his aunt, and cousins and his whole family yesterday after he came to church. It was a good lesson and he accepted the date for the 30 to get baptized.
    After the lesson the family invited us to eat lunch with them (our second lunch that day) so they gave us lunch and turned on the TV, and of course, Steelers vs. Broncos! It was the first quarter and the Broncos were up 0-6. But then I saw the touchdown by 33 who i want to call Issac Redman ha ha! And when we were leaving they scored a field goal too! I was excited! I cant believe they lost!
   Anyways things are going good! The ward had 92 people in the church! When I got here their average was 60 or something! I swear it is because the ward is fasting! What a great activity, a 40 day fast! brilliant! 
    Anyways sorry about the Steelers! I tried to do a back flip today and I literally ate the dirt! "I think he eats the dirt" "Moles don´t eat dirt, worrrrrrrrms eat dirt´´ (Holes) Anyways the side of my face is all red and stuff ha ha! Love you email me fast!
In a T-Rex head

Bryson's apartment

Bryson's desk

                                                           A dog they found, but died      

Empanadas that Sister Lolita taught them to make

They just throw garbage on the street, Bryson is appalled, haha

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