Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week #21-Muy buenas tardes‏‏

Bryson told me that he extended 2 weeks Emoji I'm a sad mama, but he will still be home around mid August of 2017. Check out his's pretty worn, that's a hard working missionary! I've been dying for a picture of his tag, haha! Here is his email for the week:

Mama! Hey so it was an alright week this week! I hope that we can get some people baptized soon! I will tell you some stuff that happened.
    So this week was rough but good. It was rough because the week before every one of our progressing investigators fell which is rough which meant that all we had to do this week was pretty much find new people and try to get as many of them progressing as we could which is rough because when all you do all day is find people it is not the funnest thing ever. I always suggest using the things from The Highly Effective Missionary but nobody every wants to try it! But it´s brilliant stuff. Anyways we are doing a 40 day fast which means that everyone in our ward has one day to fast for 40 days and they have to fast and pray to receive revelation one who needs the gospel. So every day we call a member and they always have references for us which is really nice. Anyways it was the ward mission leaders turn this week and we went over to his house to see if he had references and he just told us to sit and wait at his house. Then he came back 5 minutes later with 5 people and told us to teach them! It was such a good lesson. I was on divisions with my district leader, I finally got to speak a lot which I am not used to because Elder Varela doesn´t let me talk a lot ha ha! Anyways two of them are really positive and one of them told us that he has been looking for the Church that is the only true church. So perfect because he found it! So hopefully everything goes smooth.
     We found an investigator who lived in the states for 40 years and he loves me because he can speak English with me. I wish I could talk about him more because he is probably the most interesting guy I have met in the mission. We are teaching his son too and trying to teach the wife.
     Anyways things are going good. A member gave me a ton of pills so that I can make sure that all of my parasites are gone. I finally bought a new razor which replaced the razor that I have been using ever since I left the MTC so my face isn´t cut up every day.
     Also we reactivated a family this Sunday! They finally came to church for the third time which qualifies them for reactivation! They are the greatest! The wife has depression and they have the greatest Spirit in their home! We always cry when we teach them! They love the missionaries. And they are starting to pay their tithing and everything! 
    I wish I could tell you everything but ´´my fingers hurt´´ ´´What was that?´´ ´´I said that my fingers hurt.´´ ´´Oh yeah well now your back is going to hurt cuz you just pulled landscape duty!!´´ Happy Gilmore
    Anyways I kid you not I was in Subway today and I saw the Steelers score on the bottom line and it said 10 to 16 for the Bengals! I checked it 4 times and was heartbroken!!!!! I can´t believe they won! What the heck! And how is Ben hurt again! Also I know who Vontaze Burfict is! He is the worst! He´s like the Turrell Suggs of the Bengals! Anyways que bendición. Pray for Ben. Also, send me highlights! And for the Record Joey Porter could knock out Vontaze any day.
    Love you email me quick!
He sent this when he had to go:
But I got to go! Tell me about the game! Send many pictures of it, if it´s a good game! If they get destroyed I don´t want to think about it ha ha! But good luck this week! DRINK ONLY PEPSI NO COKE! IT WORKS! Anyways love you!  I love you! It is not a sin to pray for the health of Ben Rothlisberger and Antonio Brown. They are children of God as well and need prayers! But maybe pray that they will receive the gospel as well ha ha! Good luck with your nephews (because they are big Broncos fans, lol)! Road to seven American footballRing!!!!!!!!!!! Love you! I will talk to you soon!  Love you again! Bye!

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