Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Week #20-Does Anybody Care About Sid the Sloth?

 I don't know why but that quote came to my head! What a great movie! So I prayed for stupid Pitt every day this week! I'm glad that he lives! (Pitt is our little Chihuahua who was having seizures) I got so used to including him in my prayers taht I prayed for him twice out loud in front of other people! And I am so happy that the Steelers won! I had no faith that it was going to happen but good stuff! It is going to be like 2005 all over again when the Steelers won the super bowl with Betis! They are gonig to play the same teams and everything! But yeah good stuff!
     So this week was really rough! Last Monday I went home after writing you to get ready to go have some family home evenings with some people and I was so itchy for some reason. Anyways after I came home for the night I had a rash that was literally all over my body that itched more than anything! I didn't sleep until 4 in the morning and I woke up at 6:30 so I was dead! Anyways I got a disease called Sica that has been going around and it was the worst ever. But I am better now.
     I finally got your package! What a miracle! Only beautiful music! Lots of Chirstmas music which is nice and I got my card and everything! Thank you! I love it! You're the greatest mom!
    So all of our investigators fell this week which was rough. We were supposed to have a lot of baptisims coming up but they all told us things like ""I don't think I should get baptized for at least another year"", or "'I love the Book of Mormon and it is true but I feel really comfortable in my church'' Really bad excuses that we tried so hard to change but they really just don't want it anymore so that was really rough.
      The good news is my companion and I are doing good. He's a good kid and I like working with him. If he worked to the fullness of his capacity we would baptize every week. Yesterday I don't know what happened but he was a freaking machine yesterday! I actually felt like the junior companion! He took the lead on pretty much everything which I wasn't used to! Anyways I hope that we can get some baptisims before he leaves! He's a good kid, and he is good with kids!
     As far as everything else goes, my health is a lot better! I am don't dying of Sica anymore and my stomach isn't being eaten by parasites! I don't really have much to say this week besides I am glad that Pitt didn't die! Email me fast! LOve you!


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