Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Week #18

 Hello mama! I had a really interesting week. It was good and bad but I think more than anything it was good! Not a lot of big stuff happened this week but I do have some stuff to tell.
   So first off I was pretty down this week! I have come to realize that I have literally been sick for twenty years straight and I was really mad about that. I figured out what my problem was though and I got the right medicine finally so you don´t have to worry about poor old Elder Gallagher. So anyways I was pretty down this week. I was feeling bad for myself because my companion didn´t want to work, I was really sick and in all reality I just wanted to sit on a toilet all day with 20 rolls of toilet paper. But on Wednesday we had our mission christmas party all the message from the President was given directly at me! It helped me so much. And then I got the package from Brett Finklea and that family (I didn´t get yours), The letters from the Finklea family were some of the greatest letters I have ever seen! I took a picture of the letter from Brooklyn but I forgot my camera again but it was the funniest letter I have ever seen! I will show you next week! But I sure love the Finklea family! They are the greatest people! Anyways that letter helped me feel a thousand times better! I was feeling so bad and it is crazy how just a few inspired words from the President and some short but sincere letters from a family can change your whole mode and feeling! It was a good day.
    Also I have some funny stories. So there is this bar in our area where the drunk old men like to hang out. They start drinking at about 10 in the morning and that is when we leave the house. anyways everytime we pass the corner the drunk people (called bolos) always want us to preach to them. So of course we preach the word of wisdom and eternal life to all men who repent and fininish with an invitation to church. The bolos never come to church because they usually forget what happened. But Sunday one came!! He came to church and he was actually very drunk so I didn´t know what to do but I don´t think Jesus would turn him away so I of course let him in! He sat with us and after 5 minutes he wanted to leave because he felt so guilty! I told him to stay and that everyone was welcome but he really wanted to leave. I couldn´t keep him there so he left. It was sad but hopefully he comes back. I´m sure I will see him soon.
     My ward is kind of strange. We only had 51 people come to church today which is very low. But you would be shocked if you saw the church here. For example! We were in Priesthood yesterday and they were ordaining a new decon. So the bishop says ´´this is the job for the President´´ so I thought he meant the presdient of the young mens or something, but he meant the President of the Decons (also the only decon in the ward). So this little gordito waddles up to the front to ordain this little 75 pound kid the the Aaronic Priesthood and the the office of a Decon! And I looked at my companion and he looked at me and we just shook our heads. We didn´t want to embarass the bishop so we waited to tell him. The poor Decon´s Quorum President looked so helpless as the bishop whispered the words in his ears! Poor kid! And once it came time for the blessing part of it he just sat there and looked at us like ´´What the heck do you want me to say?!´´ But we got it figured out!
   A kind of sad thing happened this week. We´re teaching this kid named Ch*** and he it set to be baptized this Saturday the 26th. He ended up telling us that he went to jail for two years (he is 16 by the way) on false charges. I was like ´´You´ve got to be kidding me!´´ I believed him that they were false charges but they weren´t and now the President has to talk with him! But this kid is ready to change! He comes to church on his own every sunday at 8! He has a really strong tesitmony of repentance and all I want to talk about with him is that any sin can by forgiven through the Atonement! I hope the interview goes well with the President! 
   Anyways things are good. The members give us nothing but tamales. And these tamales are different than in the states. They are literally giant bone that may or may not have meat on it stuffed inside a bunch of corn dough. It is literally the worst thing that has hit the earth. Also a lady this week decided to serve us a  nice generous serving of pig brain. I would rather eat my own armpit hairs mixed with my belly button lint than eat that ever again. I threw up for seven hours after that.
    Love you guys! Nice job with the Steelers! thanks for not sending my pictures of the game because i don´t even like to see highlights anyways. Just kidding I guess it is fair because I didn´t bring my camera again. Ha ha Merry Chirstmas! ´´And God bless us......... Every one!!´´ Literally I have never hated a quote more than that one. I don´t know why it just bugs the stuff out of me.

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