Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week #17

Hello Mommy! Well I had ch-ch-ch-ch-chages (Like the song from the Shrek 2 album. What a classic movie album. I hope you know the song I am talking about. I´m pretty sure David Bowie sings in the song) Anyways yeah I had changes which is really very odd. I should not have changes already but the Lord sent me to a different area so that is that. I´ve already had freaking 4 companions and I don´t even have 4 months! What is wrong with me? I have no idea. Anyways it has really sad leaving Pamalita and Reu because they are literally like my family. Elder Fickes, Elder Gayheart and Elder Ellsworth are all there and they are literally like my brothers but oh well life goes on.
   Anyways they sent me to an area in the city Mazatenango!!!! Mazatenago is literally the area that I always wanted to go to when I was in Reu every P Day! It is the greatest city in Guatemala besides Guatemala City. They have Subways, TacoBell, Wendy´s, Pollo CampĂ©ro, Pizza Hut and literally everything you could want and it is all in my area! For short they call Mazatenango Mazate. It´s a way nice area but it was so sad leaving Pamalita because they baptized Bryan and Hiedi two days ago! My last night I was there I went to give them a lesson and it was the greatest lesson of all time! I can´t believe how changed they were from the first time I met them. When I met them the first time they didn´t want to get married or nothing they didn´t even want to talk with us! But the last lesson they had no idea that I was leaving the next day and I started bawling my eyes out because I was so sad to leave them! But hey at least they got married and baptized and everything turned out really good!
     So my area is really rich that I am in. Everyone has houses, a lot of people have cars, and literally everyone has shoes! I was so shocked by the shoes thing for some reason! It reminds me of that spongebob episode when they are looking in the magazine of the rich people and Spongebob goes ´´Wow he is so rich he has a pool inside of his pool´´ and Patrick goes ´´And he has shoes!´´ So classic!
    Speaking of shoes if I was at home right now I know for a fact that Colin would be playing Christmas Shoes and crying in the car! And I would be blasting O, Holy Night´´ By Celine Dion because it is the greatest song ever!
    And lastly about my new companion...... So in our mission we have a big meeting in Reu and everyone who is changing areas comes to Reu. So they went through the whole proccess and what have you and I found out I was going to Mazate and my companion´s name is Elder V. I heard a little bit about him before I met him.  Anyways this is his last change in the mission so he wants to go home to Honduras. I don´t know. I am sick of being nice. I´m sick of not baptizing.  We´ll see how it goes. He is a nice guy. I told him that we have to break his record of baptisims this change because this change is 2 weeks longer. Also when I got here we had no investigators so that is a problem that I am trying to fix with him. Good heavens.
    As for the Steelers!!!! I love that stuff! I can´t believe Andy Dalton tried to tackle Stephon Tuitt! That dude is HUGE! But good stuff! How is the Wild Card stuff looking? I have no idea if the Broncos are good or not anymore. They seem really off and on.  Also I can Skype you the 23. That is the day. So make sure your Skype works and everything. It will probably be in the night. Anyways email me! Love you! 

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