Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week #16

The following was the first email I got from Bryson today and I sat at my desk and cried until he sent me another one, haha Emoji:

"We literally just had an earthquake! That was crazy fun! Everyone is okay! And nothing is broken!"

Here is his main email for the week:

Hey mama! It was an alright week! We didn't have any baptisms which was a bummer but hopefully we will have some this week! Ha ha nice Jen Brown giving props to Will Ure! I always said that he was underrated and nobody listened to me! Also I had a tender mercy this morning when I was eating breakfast in Pollo Campero and the highlight from the Steelers Colts game came on! I was so pumped! I got to see all the touchdowns and was so happy to catch a little glimpse of some good old football! I was very satisfied! If it isn't too big of a problem then I would like the weight set but if it is a problem then get it out of there! Also I got three giant packages of Candy from you, Shalese and Ryan and Em and Caren and Grandma! I was so happy! They came! Also i got a letter from you from September! Good stuff!
     So yeah this week was good not great. I went to El Codo on Saturday and had to ride a bike of one of the members because the bikes from the mission were broken. And literally the seat was made out of concrete! It hurt so bad! I will never be able to sit comfortably ever again! But El Codo was alright. It is really hot there. And it hasn't rained in over a week here! So it was a really hot week.
    So while I was in El Codo my companion went on divisions with my best friend in the mission Elder Gayheart!  But that is where things are going right now! I'm not going to lie I am trying really hard, but sometimes I want to punch a hole in the wall which would be impossible here because literally every wall is pure concrete! But I could maybe do it if I was mad enough
    During the Christmas season here there are a lot of fire crackers and stuff and like fireworks that are literally bombs! So the missionaries like to try to scare us with fireworks. It was like seven thirty one morning and I had already done my morning routine so I went to study early! Elder Galicia was in the shower. And Elder Fikes and his companion somehow got into the house and threw a bomb in the center of the floor. I heard the noise of the firework landing on the gound and thought it was just Elder Galicia but the shower was still going so I turned around and saw a huge bomb 5 feet away from me and plugged my ears! It explode a half a second later and I felt like i was in Saving Private Ryan or something! I couldn't hear anything and there was smoke everywhere and paper and stuff it was so funny!
     Also we went to Champerico today for P Day to go to the beach and it was so incredible! There was nobody there and it is such a pretty beach! I need to invest in a resort there or something! Anyways we played football and all that good stuff!
     So we have been teaching a family for a while. It's is just a husband and a wife named Bryan and Hiedi. They are so cool! they have rejected the missionaries a thousand times but finally let us teach them! We talked about baptism and stuff and they are ready to get baptized this Saturday but they have to get married first! They told me that they just want an eternal family! So I think we can to it this week! They are awesome people!
      We got to watch a christmas devotional yesterday from Salt Lake! it was so classic! We brought 7 investigators to it and they were all so bored but I loved it! Especially the music because I love stuff in english now! But yeah that was good stuff yesterday! Pray that we will get baptisms this week because if we don't I am going to go on a rampage! Ha ha!
       Love you! Good luck with selling the house I have some good pictures to send! Email me!
Bryson on the roof of his apartment

Beach for P-day

Bryson said he's sitting on a "unicorn", I think it's a seahorse, haha

Destroyed candy I sent him

A letter that took 3 months to get there!

His new apartment next month

Spider when he had to shower with a bucket


His zone on the beach

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