Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week #15

Oh my gosh I woke up this morning and I went to McDonalds and they were playin the Steelers Seahawks highlights and que chafa! I was so mad! I saw Antonio Brown eat the ground and that was totally Richard Shermans fault! And Elder Fickes loves the Seahawks! Oh well such is life! Also glad to see that Shalese finally joined a gang (she gave a gang sign during one of our Thanksgiving pictures, haha). I knew it was only a matter of time, living in Ogden and what not. But I prefer a good Crip over a Blood but hey Shalese can make her own decisions. Also I was literally thinking on Thursday ´´who is going to say they prayer at thanksgiving now that I´m gone????´´ But It looks like you had that covered more or less! But God answered your prayer mom becasue on Thanksgiving I ate like 700000000 zillion pounds of turkey, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and so much mashed potatoes! I have literally never been more full in my entire life!
    So this week was good I guess! Our numbers really sucked but they say it isn´t about the numbers so that is alright. We have this family that we have been teaching for a while and a member of the ward and his family literally come to every lesson that we teach them. And they finally came to church on Sunday so that´s the good stuff (like the song by Kenny Chesney). But yeah the dad is named Bryon and he is literally the anti-Chapin! He got in a really bad motorcycle accident because some dogs ran in front of him in the middle of the road. And if that happened to any Guatemalan they would go dog hunting for like a year because the only reason that people have dogs here is so they can have something to beat when they are mad! But he said ´´It´s not the dogs fault, they don´t know any better.´´ And he was talking to us about parenting and he said that it is better not to hit your kids! I couldn´t believe it because literally every person here beats their kids for a punishment! He is such a great guy. Him and his wife need to get married first though which is expensive but whatever. So hopefully they can get married.
    Also a funny but really sad story that happened this week! So there are like a thousand phrases to say that somebody died in Guatemala! Anyways so we went to a members house this week and we were talking and I asked her where her dog was and she said ´´ella colg√≥ los tenis´´ and I had no clue what that meant becasue I don´t know that much slang! But appearantly it means that she died! It was funny because she was crying and I had no idea why! But it was sad because the dog just barely birthed 5 cute little puppies and she was a really cute dog named Canela. Oh well. And three cute little puppies died of a different member in the ward so that is sad becuse there is only one pupp left. I sent all the pictures of those dogs to you I think!
    Anyways it was an alright week. I went on divisions with my zone leader Elder Lagos and he is the greatest person ever! He has 22 (like the song) months in the mission! We ran into a really drunk guy that lived in the states for a while so he knew a little bit of english. The drunk people we call bolos! Anyways so everyone knows that most of the Mormons speak english so he started talking to me in English and offered me some of his alcohol and said ´´NO ITS CLEAN! HAVE SOME´´ And he said the f word 70000000 times and it was so funny but bad I guess. Anyways it was an alright week. I have more stuff to say but It isn´t that important or entertaining so I´ll just leave it at that. Who do the Steelers play next week? Love you email me fast!

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