Thursday, December 24, 2015

December 23rd-1st Skype of the mission

Bryson got to Skype with us for quite a while. He told us a bunch of different stories, including how he had to cut off a chickens head with a dull butter knife the day before. He hated that experience. He has a parasite, but is on medicine and is feeling a little better. Christmas is celebrated on December 24th in Guatemala where they eat tamales as part of their celebration (not the yummy tamales we are used to here in the States). The best food he's ever had in Guatemala is beef, that one member fed to him at some point. He says it is rare to find anyone who can afford beef. We got to hear him speak quite a bit of Spanish as once in a while he had to speak with people around him. He has an accent for sure. He said where the Lord has not blessed him with many baptisms, it has been made up for with the language. He feels he has learned the language well. He's in an area where they speak a lot of K'iche' mixed with Spanish, but he feels like he's catching on well. He's catching on to the currency conversion there and learning how to spend his Quetzals. He bought a pair of Dre Beats for $13 (you can kind of see him wearing them in the picture and I'm sure they are not authentic Dre Beats, haha) It was great to (kind of ) see his face and to hear his voice!! The camera on the laptop he was using was not good quality as you can see from the picture. We had him hooked up to the TV, but the picture quality on the TV was so bad, that it was easier to see his face on the cell phone. He seemed to be in good spirits and loving his time in Guatemala.

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