Monday, November 23, 2015

Week #14

 Hello mama! So this week was probably the worst week that anyone has ever experienced of all time in the history of people! Not really, but it was not a very good week. It was definetly the worst week of my mission. It was like the devil went straight YAMS on every single one of our investigators! We finished the week with no investigators progressing, no investigators with a baptism date and nobody in the church this week. I couldn't believe how bad of a week it was.
  We had an investigator named Josolin whose grandma is a really great member and she lived with her grandma and she wanted to get baptized but she ended up moving to her parents house during the week and she is only her on Saturday and Sunday. And her parents are really catholic and they wont give us permission to baptize her. But this is pretty normal. The thing that was the worst is we had an investigador who was like really secure to be baptized on the 28th named Luis but his family got in a fight with Josolin's family and now they are all mad and contentious and because we are teaching both of them they dont want anything to do with us. So it is unlikely that they will get baptized during my time in my area. So that was really bad.
   It rained literally every day this week so everyone just slept for a week straight. Nobody would answer their doors and nobody wanted to talk to us in the street and on top of it all we lost every single one of our progressing investigators. They just decided that they didn't want a religion anymore. It is so weird! Everyone fell for literally no reason this week. I realized that nobody in Guatemala takes anything seriously and that's why we can teach so many people. Because they dont think it's a big deal letting strangers teach them about Jesus! And if they get bored of our message , they just tell us to never come back! Anyways it was a rough week but there is always good in every week.
   This morning we found a family who is super incredible. They are family friends with some people in our ward and they don't like La Iglesia Evangelica so that always helps! I dont want to talk bad about other churches but really La Iglesia Evangelica literally has meetings just to try to convince people that there is no way to be saved and that the life on earth should be sad and everyone should cry all day, on and that La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Últimos Días is straight from Satan. So if people believe in the teachings of that church they will never get baptized because they think that we are evil for having prophets and stuff. And the majority of the people here are Evangalicas. But the family that we found is super cool and we gave the mom a blessing and we just barely had met her!
   We also have a family home evening with another family tonight and I hope that we can progress them to baptism. We just need to commit them to going to church! But I think things will get better. Elder Fickes this week warned us all that we were going to get hammered this week and he was so right! Elder Fickes is going to be a prophet I think. He's my idol in the mission.
    Also we went to the temple in Xela this week and it was literally the most beautiful temple I have ever entered except for the one in Salt Lake. We went with our converts so they could do baptisms and we got to do an endowment session which was the greatest thing of all time! And it is so nice and cold in Xela! It is the perfect temperature there always! All the latinos were freezing their butts off! But that was awesome and they were having a Christmas parade too while we were in the bus!
    Anyways at least the Bengals lost twice.
    Love you email me soon! Also I told you that the Bengals would lose against the Texans! Grinning face with smiling eyesGrinning face with smiling eyesAlso I got one of your packages with the little tree and the dope Steelers ornament! Also the hot chocolate was literally the best idea that anyone has ever had! It is so freaking good! I just wish it wasnt so hot here all the time ha ah!  

Bryson with his companion, Elder Galicia

Bryson doing the "Jake Foster batting routine"

Getting ready to play baseball
"Grandpa Fickes"

His only Christmas decorations that I sent him

A picture of his street

Elder Gayheart getting ready to play baseball

His only Christmas tree, haha. I sent that, too.

the volcano errupted

The temple in Xela

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