Monday, November 16, 2015

Week #13-Cambios!!

Well this week was so weird! So I need to tell you that the word ´´changes´´ means two things. Its an amount of time (usually 6 weeks) and its also when you change areas. So anyways the way I use it depends on the context. So Elder Vides had changes this week which was the most unexpected thing of all time. We thought the zone leaders where joking because there is this guy in the zone who has been in his area for 7 months and everyone thought that we was going to change. But no it was Elder Vides and the other zone leader Elder Solorio. Elder vides went to his first area called La Batalla and he was not happy about returning to an area. But anyways I have a new companion!
    My new companion is a dude from Tabasco Mexico and I dont think he has even heard of the sauce before!! He is a big brown giant and is the exact opposite of Elder Vides. He really likes to work and talk with everybody which is good because now I actually feel good every single day. Anyways it was fun!
   Also after Elder Vides dropped the phone and the battery came out like it always does. But appearantly it has a freaking PIN that only Vides knows! So it was hard to go this week without a phone. But we got the number its 8653 and I just remember it by Hienz Ward Maurkice Pouncey. 
   We didnt have much happen this week except for one thing that I will mention. So we have these investigators who are catholic which is hard when the actually go to church but the majority of catholics dont go to church and dont believe in much. I thought that they didnt go to church but I was dead wrong. We showed up one day and there were a bunch of people sitting around their house and my first thought was ´´sweet! We get to get more investigators´´ But then they told us that they were missionaries from the catholic church and they have a meeting every week at the house of our investigators! There were literally like 57000000 zillion of them! But we sat down and axed if we could share a message with the family and they said ´´vaya´´ which means ´´okay´´ in Guatemala. So we decided to give lesson one! The Resoration of the Gospel of Jesucristo. Every time we mentioned anything about Joseph Smith or The Book of Mormon they all had a nice eye rolling fest! I wanted to share Chapter 40 from Jesus the Christ with them but I decided not to. Anyways we dont really teach that family much anymore.
   It was like a stake conference thing this sunday in Central America for every stake. It was cool ha ha! It was mainly a bunch of like 70s who served missions in Central America 600 years ago trying to speak spanish! The people couldnt understand anything! I understood everything ha ha! But David A. Bednar talked and he had a translator. It was really good. I liked it! Sister Marriott doesnt even speak spanish and they made her try to talk! She went to Brazil on her mission with her husband! They ended up cutting her off and getting her a translator which was kind of funny! What great people! I would totally say ¨´No ill just speak English´´ It was a valiant effort by sister Marriott! 
   Anyways nothing else really happened this week. We played soccer today with the zone and basketball and I think I tore my AMC or my TLC something! It hurt so bad but Im okay now. I was sick the whole week and I am still sick! I think I should probably talk to the nurses lol. 
     Wholly cow the Steelers destroyed the Browns! Good I freaking hate the browns more that anything! And freaking Ben tore it up! That is awesome! and did you say that the Steelers picked up Jacoby Jones?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? That is blasphamy! did they pick up Joe Flacco too? And did Ray Lewis come out of retirement to play for the Steelers? Please say we didnt hire John Harbaugh to be the defensive coordinator!!!! Speaking of defensive coordinator? Where the heck is Dick LeBeau? What team did he end up choosing?
      Also that Episode of Spongebob is literally the funniest thing of all time. My favorite is when Patrick is playing with Squidward and goes ´´AND THEN COMES THE GIANT FIST!!!´´ 
Patrick ´´Oh............ AND THEN COMES THE GIANT FIST´´!!!!!! 
   so classic and why would Squidward ever want to marry the pickle.
   Anyways yeah good stuff I read today in McDonalds that Peyton is hurt and Shalese told me! Good stuff. JK that is mean, but I hate the Broncos. May he rest in peace with his 10000003838 thousand records.
    Also *S*S will never ever bomb Guatemala! Unless they want to erradicate the world of crazy Evangelicos, they just think that Mormons aren´t people. They think because the chruch was Restored in the states, it is from the devil ha ha.  Yeah, no the people here are just not anything like the people in America. Ive never seen people that just do whatever they want whenever they want. If they dont want to do something then they dont do it. Also the religions here are literally straight from Satan. They always cry and say the most appauling things. They beleive that nobody can be saved. They believe that their pastors can turn into doves and stuff and they think that we eat children. When we went to take peoples children to church some people went and talked to the mom and told her that if she let them go that we would eat them. And people believe this stuff. Nobody can read and there arent like records of anything. It is really hard.
    Anyways write me quick! Ill talk to you in a short week! Love you!

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