Monday, November 9, 2015

Week #12-´´Hot blooded! I got a disease. I got a fever of one hundred and 3!´´

I think that is how the song goes but I literally have no idea. Anyways yesterday I literally did not sleep because I had the worst fever of my entire life and I was freezing! Anyways I was thinking to myself that my fever had to be like a 103 degrees and then I got that song stuck in my head. Anyways that isnt important because i feel better now because I took like 50 ´´a seat of femanine´´s. (acetaphemonine). Anyways what a rockin´ awesome week! We had another double double with 5 touchdowns and a freaking grand slam! I was so happy! I baptized Gilberto Exiterio Gonzalez Piedra Santa on Saturday and it was good stuff. I didnt even mess up! Ill send some pictures!
   I was so nervous but I was so happy that everything worked out. We were getting everything prepared for the service and I looked up in the sky and literally in every direction there were clouds! I was so terrified because if it rains then literally nobody does nothing and the baptizm would probably had to have been posponed! I literally kneeled down as soon as I saw the clouds and prayed that there would be no rain until the Gilberto was at the church and ready! And it didnt rain so that was a miracle because there were literally clouds everywhere and it rains every day in Guatemala. Anyways the service was really good. Gilberto had a lot of family there and a friend came who wasnt a member of Giblerto´s and we had a lot of people form the ward show up! It was good stuff! I just want to get more though! Also he showed up to church the next day to get confirmed which I guess doesnt happen that much. So that was awesome too!
   But yeah we counted how many lessons we taught this change and it was 126! And we only got one baptizm! It was crazy! I cant believe that you teach that many lessons and only one person gets baptized out of it. It was totally worth it though! It was the greatest feeling of my entire life!
  Anyways it was a good week. The way skinny guy who we gave a blessing to last week died on Friday which is good stuff! Right now Im just nervous that I have to to do another ´´exam´´. So the first time I got sick here (I dont know if I told you this story or not) I had to go to this place in the city that tests you to see what type of disease you have. So we went there in the morning and they give me this tiny little cup and tell me to go into the bathroom. So I go in the bathroom and pee in the cup like Ive done a thousand times! So I come out and Vides was all like ´´no´´. So I had no idea what he meant. then he started talking in spanish and I had no idea what he was trying to tell me. Appearantly I had to give a sample of my poo! I was so mad! they gave me another tiny cup and I had to go back into the bathroom on the toilet that didnt have a toilet seat and try to aim into this tiny little cup when i had literally the most explosive diah that anybody has ever had in the history of man kind. It was disgusting. Anyways I dont want to do that again.
   Anyways that is besides the point. I went on divisions with Elder Fickes this week and  love going on divisions with him in my area. Elder Fickes is my grandpa from Idaho and he has 15 months out here. Anyways he loves football! We we literally talked about football for 100000000 zillion hours and it was great. He is a huge Boise State fan. Anyways so we went to bed and the reason why I was on divisons with him was because Elder Vides had to go into Xela to fill some cavities for the day. Anyways so were in our beds and we´re just chatting away and then I heard a knocking on the door downstairs. So I say outloud ´´Somebody is at the house´´ and then Fickes goes ´´What?´´ And then I said that somebody was here. And he thought that I meant that somebody was actually inside on the house in the kitchen! So he goes ´´OKAY GET UP´´ and he hops out of bed with his fists ready to knock somebody out! I was laughing so hard! He totally thought that somebody was there to rob us or something! It was so classic! So then we let Vides in the house (he was with another missionary in case you were wondering).
    Anyways we got two new investigators this week from the Hermanas in the zone next to us. They taught these two kids like a million lessons but then the kids moved into our area and now they are ours which is nice! They are awesome kids! One of them has a smoking problem but I think he beleives in the word of wisdom so thats good stuff. Hopefully we baptize them this month!
    Anyways I am so freaking tired! The first change really killed me! We find out tomorrow if Elder Vides is leaving pamalita or not. Id be suprised if he leaves. But were really starting to work a lot harder. Ive never seen Vides so fired up! Its so great! 
     So I have decided that I will only drink Pepsi during the football seasons for the Steelers. And I think it will work but at the same time i have no idea because freaking Ben Rothisberger got hurt again! Anwways they have this big 3 liter bottles of soda here that they call ´´jumbos´´ But it is pronounced yumbo. So my first two weeks I called them Wumbos like from that episode of Spongebob ´´I wumbo, you wumbo, he, she, we wumbo.. Its second grade Spongebob!!!!      -Im sorry I doubted you patrick´´ What a great quote. Anyways so  I called them Wumbos just for my entertainment and Vides thought I was a moron and corrected me every time. But now I just call them Yumans!!! Vides thinks Im literally the stupidest person to ever live! But I just do it for my entertainment. But that is besides the point. What the heck I was expecting that Ben got punched in the face again by the Raiders defensive lineman! Crap that sucks though! I hate it when Steelers get hurt! they need to pray more for saftey or something. Anyways do they have their bye week next week? Also I have no letters from you and I would like to mention that Elder Gayheart got straight up robbed by the mail service! They took everything of value out of his package ha ha! Sad but it is the truth! You need to put classic stickers of Jesus on the packages or they will get robbed! Okay? Love you I will send you pictures.

Bryson's first baptism-Gilberto

Last group picture of Zone Retalhuleu before transfers

Puppies in his area

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