Monday, November 2, 2015

Week #11

You have got to be kidding me! Poor Le`Veon! That is the worst ever! Stupid Bengals! Dang well Im mad about that but its all good! DeAngelo Williams will do good things! But still that is rough for Bell. So yeah things are really good here in Guatemala! Better than in Pittsburgh! Also what the heck,
there is nothing better than some classic Garth Brooks! What the meat is Grandma doing at a concert until 2 in the morning! She is a freaking rock star!
   Anyways yeah things are getting better! I always have a lot of stuff happen to me and I never know what to share! But anyways this week was really good. We had a multi-zone meeting this week with like 4 other zones in the nicest church I have ever seen in my entire life! It is so incredible! It was built like 3 months ago or something and it smells so new. But that is besides the point! Anyways President Ruiz lit a fire in every missionary in that meeting! We are 400 people away from breaking the record of baptizms here in Misión Retalhuleu (El mas poderoso misión en el mundo) so we are trying so hard to break it because that would be fantastic! That means that every companionship has to baptize 6 people each by the end of the year which is doable! So everyone is really excited about that.
    We had a good week! He had a double double with two touchdowns! A double double is when we get double digits in two of catagories from lessions with members, otherlessions, new investigators, or lessions with less actives or recent converts. And a touchdown is when we get people to go to church with us. So we had a double double with 11 other lessions and 10 new investigators. Which is good not great. We were close to a triple double with 9 lessions with members but we didnt get it! Rough life! But anyways it was a good week. I was a lot happier this week.
   So it was funny I went on divisons with Elder Fickes who is the district leader (and also my grandpa in the mission) and there was this guy that I had contacted like 2 weeks ago named Juan. So I decided to go back to his house and see if we wanted to learn a little bit more with Elder Fickes. So we get there and I see him in his yard and I say ´´Hermano Juan que honda?´´ And then he said that Juan wasnt home even though he is Juan! So I was confused. But I knew for sure that his name was Juan! So I get closer to him and make sure that he is the same guy! And I say no you are Juan! And he kept denying that he was Juan! So finally I go ´´Okay what the meat is your name then you stupid idiot jerk?¨´ And he literally sat there for 1 minute trying to think of a name and finally said ´´Soy Jorge!´´ and then he ran away and tried to hide behind his shed! But he couldnt fit! I have never laughed harder in my entire life! Then I said ´´Feliz noches Juan!¨´ We are not going to teach him.
    Also a really sad thing happened this week which was way sad and made my sad. So we were contacting with our bishop who is a really crazy guy but really awesome. But anyways we see one of the jóvenes in our ward hanging out with a non member so we went up to the kid and started teaching a lesson to his friend of the street. Anyways so after the lesson the kid in our ward took us into his house so that we could give his grandpa a blessing. So we walk in the room and I almost started crying. This 78 year old man was on this bed. I have never in all my years of life seen a person more emaciated and skinny. He was barely cognitive when we walked in. I dont think he could comprehend anything. His stomach was only maybe an inch or less above the bed I think the majority of his volume came from his rib cage. He appearantly hadnt eaten for 1 month but IVs have kept him alive or something. He was barely holding on when we went there. So we gave him a blessing and it was so powerful. But anyways I hope that he will pass on soon. It was sad.
    Yesterday was El Día de Los Muertos (day of the dead) and nobody really celebrates it very passionatly here in Reu. But the family who lives below us decided to give us a plate of the most incredible food I have ever seen called fiambre. And when I say incredible I mean the most disgusting thing that has ever hit the planet. It is like a salad of straight beets, mixed with lima beans, mixed with unidentifiable pieces of matter. And one Jalapeño. So because I literally didnt recognize what anything was on the plate I just went for the only thing that I knew. And that was the jalapeño. That was the worst idea I have ever had. I just pick it up and vides is shouting ´´Gallagher no! Pica Pica Pica! No comas lo!´´ But I was was literally so stupid in that moment and I bit it in half and 5 seconds later I was crying! I ran upstairs and started chugging the milk and it did not help! But it lasted like 15 minutes. But it was a blessing in disguise because I didnt have to eat the rest of the fiambre. 
    Other good news! Gilberto is ready to be baptized this Saturday so hopefully everything goes as planned. He is the most golden person I have ever seen. I have never seen so much change in any of my investigators! He really wants to change his life. I think that his esposa is helping us on the other side because I have never seen a person keep so many compromisos! He loves the book of mormon so that is just gravy! Anyways we have a family that we are teaching and we have been teaching the wife for a few weeks because the husband works a lot and finally we met him this week! It turns out that he has a ton of family in the church and a kid who has been on a mission for a month! So we are really hoping that they can be ready for baptism on the 20th. Anyways so I went on divisions with the Asistentes del Presidente to teach them about the law of chastity because they need to get married before we can baptize him. And we promised them that if they went to church on Sunday and they went to church and guess what happened! a random guy was passing by and gave them 30 Quetzales just out of no where. We have a
God of Miracles today for sure! Anyways I bore my testimony yesterday in my ward and I was the only one that cried but its all good! I hope that my investigators felt the Spirit. So hopefully next week I can tell you that I baptized someone ha ha!
    Anyways thats all I got this week. I actually have more but I am getting the carpel tunnel syndrome! Love you!

I told Bryson that it might snow this week here in Utah and here was his response:
 Mom snow is the best thing in the whole world. I love snow and hate the heat. So count your freaking blessings because some of us are roasting alive down here! Ha ha I have to go! Love you talk to you next week!"
           They put on a play of the Restoration for the Stake. Bryson played Noah and David.

Apartment in El Codo where he had to shower with a bucket

An investigator's puppy

Fiambre, worst food on earth according to Bryson!


Bryson was able to witness the live birth of these puppies!

The dog that lives with the people who they rent their apartment from.

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