Monday, October 19, 2015

Week #9

It was an awesome week but ended in total heartbreak! So Ill answer your questions first. Members are feeding us but dont worry it is the best food ever as long as you dont eat the bones. My shoes are awesome. Vides has 6 and a half months. A woman in the ward does my laundy so beautifully for 125 Quetzales a month.
   So vides has chickengunya I dont know how to spell it. So this week he was like dying the whole week and it was hard to get working. Anyways luckily we had changes for 3 days so I was with the zone leader Elder Ellsworth this week. Elder Ellsworth is incredible and the biggest spaz of all time but he knows how to abrir las boca. So we got 9 new investigators but only like 1 is really promising. This one day we walked down this street and every house we contacted they let us in and allowed us to teach them a lesson which qualifies them as new investigadores. So Ellsworth has these awesome tactics that I love. He went to a meeting this week where Elder Alonzo of the 70 spoke. Elder Alonzo is a legend who baptised like 200 on his misison every month he had 10 or more. Anyways he has this tactic where you just ask the people if we can say a prayer with them to bless their house and they just love it! We tired it on this one guy and he has the flu so in the prayer we blessed his health and he started crying! So we taught him the restoration and he liked it even though he is evangelico. Also we go up to people and tell them that we are looking for jhonny Ruiz (the name of our mission president) and we say that he doesnt have a religion and want to teach him about Jesus Christ. And they always say no and then we end up teaching them. It is so brilliant! 
   So also this week the main highlight of my week. We have a family that we have been teaching pretty much ever since I got to the field. They are the poorest family that we teach. The parents work every day including Sunday which is hard because we cant really baptize them if they dont go to church. So we focus on their two oldest kids: Blanca y Carlos. So we´ve been teaching them for a while and finally we set a sure date for their baptism on the 24th. The parents were fine with it and the kids seemed excited and nervous which is good. But they had to come to church with us yesterday. So they live in the farthest house in our area so we woke up early to go get them to come to church at 8 with us. Saturday night I was getting all excited! I was reading how to baptize in Spanish and fasting that they would come with us. So we walk all the way out to Flamanco and it was raining just a little. We get to their house and chat with their parents and we finally we´re about to leave with the kids and the dad says that they cant come because of the rain!!!!!!! And my first thought was ´´what a pisser´´ I was about to strangle M!!!!! It was barely raining! I was all like I have an umbrella and panchos! But he said no! I walked away from that house so mad at the world. I literally hated everyone in the world. I was depressed for like half the day. By heart was broken! I was so set on baptizing them on the 24th. Anyways we get to church and there was 5 people! last week there was like 100! I guess the rain is a big deal for Guatemalans. But yeah I was so angry! I was so mad! I was all like ´´God! Dont you want them to get baptized?! Why did you let it rain?´´ Anyways I repented and felt better. But if they attend church next week we can baptize them on halloween! Make sure to include the what a pisser part for Garet Hammond.
   Anyways it was still a good week that ended bad. So today I walked into McDonalds and saw freaking that play by Martavis Bryant! It was so sick! Im so happy the Steelers and killing! and last week! Sounded awesome! I love some good Steelers football! Im gald Bryant is back! we need ben though! And Bell seems to be killing it as usual! Good crap. Tell the Bengals to go kill themselves.
    Anyways the toilet broke! The flusher broke so I have to reach in the top tank and manually lift the hatch thing! Also in half the places we go to you have to throw away the toilet paper in a trash can next to the toilet. It is weird. 
     One of our recent converts´ dogs just had babies while I was there! It was live birth! I took pictures but I let my camera at home so I will send them next week.
    We watched this awesome movie today for p day. It is The Cokeville Miracle! It was so touching! I started crying! Anyways angels are totally real! Who do the Steelers play next week? Love you! Email me soon!
     Pienso que yo puedo hacer Skype con ustedes en la 24 y no en Navidad. No tengo no idea. Pero yo  notificar√© les.

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