Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week #8

So first off I lost my wallet so I have no money! Just send me a personal card whenever. I dont really need a personal card right now. But yeah that sucks!
   Anyways this week was kind of rough! We had to drop a family because they are really Evangelica which is hard but they think dancing and singing and makeup and earrings and like everything that doesnt have to do with church is of Satan so they think our Church is really crazy for having actividades for the kids and stuff. We dropped two more as well. Kathy and Elma. I wasnt too sad because Kathy was a freaking snake and she never cared about our message. She wasnt ready. But her mom Elma I was really sad about! She was such a sweet lady.
    I came up on a challange that I never antiicipated this week! I forgot like nobody can read here! We have two investigadores who I taught them about the book of mormon and then challenged them to read it and then Elder Vides was like shut up the whole time! Because they cant read! Its crazy! They investigadores are Teodoro and Juana and Teodoro is the father of a member and he lives in this little shack with his girlfriend Juana. They are pretty much married but they arent leagally because nobody likes matrimonio here. They accepted a baptism date for the 24 but they are pretty lazy and it will be hard to get them to church just like every person here! But I like them so hopefully the progress.
     We found a new family this week though! They are awesome! I realized that every lesson that we teach, the people agree with everything we say because everything we say makes sense and is true so they are all like yeah man we need 12 apostles and a prophet just like in Jesus' time but then they are all like ''well I like my church'' I dont get these people! They understand that the church is true! They just dont care about nothing! Its so hard.
     Vides was sick this week so we had a crap fest week for work. We taught 22 lessons which sucks. We set our goal for 42 and thats what we need to do to convert anyone! Anyways hopefully this week is better! It will be I think! Yesterday on our way to an appointment, 3 girls stopped Vides and I. They were washing their clothes in the river. But one of them said that her whole family is Mormon and wants to go to church! She is 20 with a 6 year old daughter but Im so happy that she came up to us. The other girls were her cousns and they want to learn more too! It was so great! It is never that easy to find new people! So hopefully our lesson goes well tomorrow. We should probably not start with Chastity ha ha!
       So I went on divisions with the zone leader on Wednesday! It was awesome! We were teaching a lesson to a guy whose baby died after only two days and he was talking about how Jesus helped him through. He is Catholic. But right as he was sharing about his baby, this freaking gordito named Alex walks in! He is a memeber of the church and we were teaching at the church. But he is like 12 years old, 5'0'' and probably weighs 200 pounds. Anyways he walks in and we try to shoe him away but then he comes up to the zone leader and says ''Faggot! Donde esta Solorio?'' It was so funny because the kids know only the bad words in English. Then Alex grabs a chair gets up all close to the investigator and takes his pamphlet and starts tapping on the table! He totally drove out the Spirit which sucks. But it was a good story.
       It rained really bad in our area yesterday! the streets were rivers and I got so wet but I loved it! Ill try to send pictures today. We have to email and these ghetto places that have the crappiest computers! We went paintballing today as a zone and that was fun! We went to like this crazy movie themed place and they had like a diarahma of Vanhalen! Ill show you pictures.Anyways I got to go! Love you! ill talk to you later! Bye!
It doesnt look like a lot but on the paved roads it was literally almost impossible to walk through!

The ward mission leader found a bunch of kittens on the street they are so cute

And a vaca. (cow) Also that road is in the part of the area called Flamenco! I love the place!

                                               and also David lee roth is one of these pictures

the view from the bathroom is the volcano

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