Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 7-1st week in the field

So the field is way awesome! I love this place! My companion is from El Salvador! His name is Elder Vides! Our area is right in the middle of Reu kind of. I could not believe it when we went into our apartment! It was the most disgusting thing that I have ever seen! But appearently it is really nice! The first day we taught a couple lessons and Vides introduced me to some of the people in the ward and some investigators. It was really cool but I didnt understand crap so that really sucked! But the next day was way better! We taught like 7 lessons and found 4 new investigators and it was like the greatest thing of all time!
    So our area is really small but it has a ton of memebers. Its an area called Pamalita and it is so nice! The people are all incredible and so freaking poor its unbelievable! I got over the culture shock in like a day I think and then I felt a little better. People have houses that are literally tin boards that they just threw together but they are so wonderful and humble. It rains every day at 3 and it is way nice because the rest of the day is a lot cooler. We have a more wealthy area which is nice because I dont think I could handle anything more poor for my first area. There are these creepy ace lizards that crawl on our roof every day in the morning and they always wake me up! 
     Also there is a guy who I met who went to woodscross I cant remember his first name but his last name is Elgreen. Hes pretty cool. Anyways Yeah it is always hot here and there are so many dogs here! They are all pretty cute and most of them are pets but they just run around the streets. I havent had any problems with them yet! 
     So yesterday I got really sick. I threw up 8 times and literally have to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes! It was rough because we were trying to get all of our people to get to conference which means we had to walk around our whole area. Conference was in Spanish so I didnt understand much but I saw they called Elder Renlund! My farewell talk was based on his talk from April. So that was cool but I was throwing up during conference all day yesterday so it probably wouldnt have mattered if it was in English. But yeah they ended up taking me to the doctors yesterday or I guess she is a nurse but one of nurses if from Bountiful! her name is Hermana Powell. But they gave me an IV and screwed up the first time and I almost passed out and threw up for like 5 minutes straight. They she did the IV again and it hurt so freaking bad. If it was only Latinos in that house I would have said every english swearword that I new but Hermana Powell was there so I couldnt. But I feel better today even though I have straight liquid coming out of my butt. 
     Anyways its been an alright week for my first week. The second and third days were really good because we taught a lot. Elder Vides is awesome. I want to baptize some people! Today we had a paint fight and a water balloon fight with our zone and another zone in Rio Bravo. So that was fun! P days are really nice. I have to go back into the city tongiht to get my visa so its going to be a long night! But its all good!
    Ill send you some pictures of the view from our apartment and the apartment and some dogs and other stuff. One of the pictures of five missionaries is at the mission home and its me, my trainer, his trainer, and his trainer and someother random guy on the right. but the one second from the right is leaving so its like 4 generations of missionaries kind of. Its hard to explain. But anyways Im doing great and seriously it is heaven here! I love Guatemala. Hopefully in a couple weeks we have some baptizims! Love you!

These mattresses are disgusting!!

I'm dying as a mom, I can't believe he lives there!!

I think this towel is the "door" to the toilet room

Some more answer to questions and replies that Bryson sent:
*Its also one of the nicest appartments in the mission! Its insane! We have running water! But its freezing cold in the morning! Its all cold there is no hot water! But its cool! Also they dont have water bottles here! They have baggs of water!
*No the bags are pure water i accidently ate a bone because I didnt want do be rude and spit it out my first day! it ws crazy!
*Im probably sick from petting all the cute dogs ha ha! I had a fever of 102! It was crazy
*I have santitizer! I lost one of the bottle and that day is the day I got sick so it might be that! My immune system just needs to be more Latino! Also everyone thinks Im from a Latin country and not from America!
*Ill tell you about my investigators real quick! So we found a family of 7 people the other day! They dont have a relgion and they want a relgion so that is perfect! They live in this really sketchy area called Flamanco and it is pretty far out from our area.their names are Miguel, Maria, Blanca, Carlos, Maria, Ozwaldo, Juan, and I cant remember the other grils name. But only the parents and Blanca and Carlos are old enough to be baptized. We took Blanca to mutual so hopefull they progress. We have a bunch of others but it would take a while for me to write about all of them! But hopefully we have baptisims soon!

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