Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week #10

Dang yeah I forgot to tell you that I want more jello! That was so good! Anyways I have no idea what I want. More ties that arent silk would be good I guess! Ties are always good! Oh and some
Crew forming cream! Im almost out! The crew forming cream is expensive so if you want to do that then that is fine! And straight up candy! I freaking love candy!
   So  yeah this week seemed like it was going to b really good! We had interviews with the President which was good! Also we set a record for our zone this month! A record low! we had the worst month of Zona Retalhuleu of all time. We had a weak 4 baptisms in the entire zone! We got talked to by the President and i realized I got to stop complaining. I've just got to help.  But I realized that we just need to figure out how to work harder and be more obedient. But this is good! I just need to change! 
    Anyways it was an alright week. El Codo was freaking crazy because they have bikes in El Codo! Its the only zone in the mission that has them and it was so much fun to ride the bikes but I got so muddy and almost died! I was ridding down this hill in El Codo at like 730 at night and there are no lights in El Codo. But anyways Im riding and they have these stupid speed bumps that they literally just randomly put in to try to kill people who dont have lights who are riding on the road at night. Anyways so I of course didnt see the bump and I almost ate the road! I was going 9999999 million miles an hour on the road when i hit the bump but I didnt fall! Anyways I forgot my camera again! So Ill show you the pictures of the house in el codo! we had to shower with the buckets because they dont have showers. But yeah It was awesome there. 
     So we had 6 awesome progressing investigators this week. But I swear Satan knows when we are at our most hopeful because he totally destroys all of our hope at that time! Carlos and Blanca were all excited about church and we had a bunch of activites this week to try to get them excited to go to church and we were teaching them and helping them with their chores around the house and everything and then came Saturday and I just knew before we walked into their hut that it was over! Im serious the spirit tells you when you need to drop investigators. And that night they seemed way different. Anyways we went back on Sunday to get them and they of course didnt come so we dropped them yesterday which was hard because we put a lot of time in to them and they really loved us. But that means no baptizms this week again.
    Our other investigators need to get married before we baptize them and I never see this happening so that leaves us with one investagator named Gilberto. He is the only one that I have confidence in. He has a wife who was a miembro of the church and she died and he has 3 kids who are members too! anyways he came up to me the other day while we were teaching some other people and told me that he had read some of the Book of Mormon that I gave him and told me that he wanted to be baptized because he read 2 Nefi! So I feel good about him and hopefully on the 7th we can get him baptized but he needs to come to church with us.
    We had one guy come to church with us yesterday named Teodoro and that was nice but he needs to get divorced and remarried to the person that he is living with before he gets baptized so that is never going to happen in my time in the mission because the process is so bad here so we cant do much with him.
     Anyways it was a rough week. We need to find more people to teach because we only have really one really good investigator right now. So its rough but hopefully as we work harder and obey the rules we will be blessed with more success. 
     Also how are the Pirates doing and when is Ben coming back?!
    I love you and miss you.  Love you! Email me soon!

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