Thursday, September 24, 2015

Week #5-El Ultimo Semana

Well its the last week! Im so excited to finally go out to el campo on Tuesday! I cant believe I finally get to start my real mission!
     I was sorry to hear about Elder Scott passing away! We watched a devational by him on Sunday and it was incredible! He was such a kind guy! They talked about how his wife died a while back so at least he can be with his wife again! What a great guy! Anyways yeah the whole MTC was in mourning! They told us an hour after he died! It was really sad! But hey Im sure he´ll be a lot happier up there!
     So I have been talking a lot with the Latinos because we actaully have Latinos on our floor which has never happened! So we trade ties a lot and they tell me about what Guatemala is like and some of them are from Retalhuleu and they are just the greatest people! There is this cleaning lady named Hermana Norma and she is the most wonderful funny lady in the world! She was the cleaner for the second floor classrooms and we got moved to the first floor which sucks because so more Hermana Norma! But then I realized that I get to teach thousands of Hermana Normas and give them an oppurtunity to have better lives and a better eternity! I love Guatemalans!
     My new maestro is named Hermano Galindo and he served his mission in Orlando so he knows really good English and his english accent is incredible even though we dont really speak english much anymore but he is such a great guy! I found out that he only makes ??? american dollars an hour here! And he could be making ??? a month! But he says he just loves being around the missionaries so much that it is worth it! Guatemalans are the greatest people on earth. Im so happy to be serving here! Hermano Galindo asked Elder Fr... and I to teach the new kids what to do to learn Spanish! It made me feel good because I think he thinks me and Elder Fr.. spanish is mejor. But yeah that was cool that he chose us!
    I traded this beautiful floral tie for 6 of Elder T....! It was the greatest deal of all time! Elder T....really liked that tie and I got six more ties out of it so it was a good trade I think! But I did really like that tie! It was so good looking!
    Im really going to miss Elder Fr. They do the companionships by alphabetical order but I still know that me getting paried with Elder Fr was divine! He is such a great kid and his humor was like perfect for me! Im going to miss that kid! But oh well! Ill stay in touch with him!
    So the guy who I saw in the temple a while back who I said looked like Liam Neeson is actually a mental health person here and he gave a presentation on Sunday! I also found out he is a 49ers fan! I was going to ask him if he knew who won the Steelers 49ers game but I forgot! Anyways The Steelers are kicking butt! That is so awesome! I sometimes pray for them which is stupid but I think it will help you be more happy if they win so I feel justified in it ha ha!
     Today was the last day Im going to go to the temple for a while which is sad because I love that place! But oh well I´d rather do the work for the living! 
     Last week I played basketball with President Cox and some other missionaries. President Cox is literally LeBron James in white person form! And hes like 3000 years old! He doesnt even look at the hoop and he tosses it up and just scores! Hes a freaking wizard or hes calling angels to help him! Im going to miss him and Hermana Cox! They are such great people and I learn so much from them! 
    I dont know how the whole transition from the MTC to the field is going to be so I dont know when I can email you next but Ill make sure to take pictures and stuff! I sure love you and miss you! Ill probably get to email you on Tuesday but I wont make any promises!
    Yo se que esta obra es verdadera y que el don de lenguas is a cosa real y a don de El Espíritu Santo. Yo se que Jesucristo es nuestro salvador y nos ama mucho! Esta Iglesia es la verdadera iglesia en el mundo. Dios sabe todas do nuestros problemas, cargas y desfíos. Yo fue llamar por a profeta de Dios y Dios tiene un plan para mi y para todas las personas in el mundo y nos ama individualmente. Yo siento el poder de Dios cada dio porque yo se que Dios esta mirado me. Yo se que hay personas quien están esparado para mi dar les El Evangelio! En el nombre de Jesucristo! Amen!

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