Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week #4-Good Week!

So this week was really good! I have a lot of fun here! So that rat that I was talking about was not actually a rat! It was some of the Elders who are in the rooms next to us who literally climb around in the ceilings and harass all the people! They have like secret tunnles up there in the ceiling! It is incredible! Anyways they were 6 weekers so they are gone today but I couldnt believe that they were pranking us that long! They were doing it at like three in the morning! Anyways yeah they all left to their missions today which means that we are the most senior group here now! So that is really cool! It also means I dont have to be district leader anymore after this week!
    So I have to go to this leadership meeting ever Sunday to report on how my district is doing! I accidently used the word "excitado" instead of the word "animado" when I was saying that my district was excited to leave the MTC and go out to el campo. But appearantly excitado in Spanish means sexually excited and not just regular excited so that is stupid! An old Latino lady came up to me after the meeting and chewed my ace out in Spanish! But I understood what she was saying so that was good because she was talking really fast! But yeah I guess I cant use that word in Guatemala!
     I think we get to leave the concentration camp today and actually go out into the real world! Im so exited. I just took out 300 Quetzales out of the ATM to buy stuff today if I want to.
    The Latinos all left this week which makes me really sad because I love the Latinos! They are the greatest people of all time! A ton of them are going to Joshs mission so I told ever single one that I saw to tell Josh that I say Chicken fingers! So hopefully they remember! I wrote it down for one fo the people.
    We are loosing one of our teachers! Hermana Simon! She is the greatest and she is teaching the nuevos now which is really sad becasue I seriously loved her! But Ill see her around the MTC luckily! But yeah I couldnt believe it when I heard it! She is the greatest! 
     So just north of the MTC there is a sports bar which we call the great and spacious building. It plays American Football when the games are on! Last night I kept glancing out of the window to try to figure out who was playing in the game because our class room is on the north side of the MTC. I think it was the 49ers but Im not sure! But yeah it made me way to homesick so I had to close the window! But President Lloyd who is the one who reminds me of Jim Cowley because he is the funniest person on earth, told me that the Steelers lost pretty easily but it sounds like from what you said that they played a good game! That is straight crap that freaking Brady was playing! And what the heck is up with them messing with our radio waves! That is so like the Patriots! I loved those pictures that you sent me though! I was so happy to get them! They better rail the 49ers! 
     I got your letters this week! I got the one with the airheads in them on Sataurday and the other one from the DearElder thing yesterday! I seriously loved it! Those airheads were so good! I thought that I would save them but I ate them all Saturday night! Im so stupid!
    Elder Gruber cut my hair and actually did a pretty good job! Its so freaking short! He literally just shaved it off! It was so funny! But it doesnt look terrible! 
      Im still doing great and I miss you guys!  But Ill see you soon! Love you I have to stop writing at 11:10 so that sucks but love you!

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