Thursday, September 10, 2015

Week #3-Enfermo (which means "ill" in Spanish haha)

So I finally got sick last Friday which really sucked! It was by far the most sick Ive ever been! Also before I start this keyboard does not have question marks so Ill just do too exclamation points for a question mark! Anyways it started Thursday morning with just a sore throat! Then my body started to ache really bad and then I had a really bad fever. So I woke up at 5 in the morning on Friday and I threw up and it sucked because I didnt have anything in my stomach. Then I woke up an hour later and threw up again and I just decided that I would just shower. So I was waiting for the shower to heat up because I was freezing because of my fever and it just wouldnt heat up. It took 15 minutes. So while I was in there waiting for it to heat up I was just praying and praying that I would be okay. And just repenting and repenting for everything that I did because I have never been so humbled in my life! I was just crying in the shower feeling bad for everything that I did in my life and everything! It was the worst 15 minutes of my life. Then I used that really nice shampoo that makes your head tingle and that didnt even help me! I was so humbled and sad and cold and in so much pain! Anyways so I got ready for the day and then I threw up two more times while my district was doing personal study in the classroom and I threw up in the bathroom and it was so violent and loud that everyone in the whole hallway and the classroom heard me! Which is kind of funny! Anyways my teacher told me that I needed to go up to the room and sleep so I did. And then came the friendly wake up from President Cox! So he is the nicest person to ever live. He knocked on the wood on the bed and when I opened my eyes I was looking right at him and I almost screamed! But he came in to check up on me and told me that I was the new District Leader. So now Im the district leader which is kind of hard. Anyways I hallucinated pretty bad because of the fever but I eventually felt better and today I feel really good!
     Also I have been so sad that I didnt go to the Taylor Swift concert. I literally have every single one of her songs stuck in my head every minute of my life! Ever since Shalese turned 22 I have had 22 stuck in my head! And me and some other people from my district sing her songs all the time and it just makes me feel sad but happy at the same time! Taylor Swift is una Diosa. Anyways tell me if she comes out with a new album!
     The nuevos Latinos that come in this week are so awesome! They love american music so we are always talking about that. A ton of them are going to Joshs mission! I tell them to look for the muy rubio Elder! Ha ha! I really miss my friends and my family but the people in my district are really great and they are kind of like family right now. So thats nice! 
      There is this kid named Elder Mickelson. I call him phil. But he has a ring stuck on his finger and he cant get it off because his finger is so swollen! I feel so bad for the kid! Also there is this nuevo here and his name is Elder Ozunian! He is related to that Kaitlyn Ozunian girl who I know from high school.
     So I cant believe Im having another nephew! I totally thought it would be a girl and it isnt! Oh well Kingston! That is a cool name! Im going to call him Sean probably. Anyways love you! Tell me how the Steelers are doing! Also Elder Tagg did not have bed bugs which was funny. I cant receive videos and I hate Tom Brady. 
      Ill talk to you soon! Love you!

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