Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week #2

                                              I was SO HAPPY to get his picture today!

So I just came to realize that I'm just going to have you look over the emails and take what you want out of them to send to people! Ha ha! So this place is reallty boring so I never know what I'm going to write in my journal or in my letters! But the good news is that I haven't gotten sick yet because they say that you get sick right around the time of the next transfer! So tomorrow I should be getting what they call the ´¨double Dragon¨. They call it that because fire comes out from both sides of your body which is awesome. Also I still don't know how to use this Spanish keyboard! Anyways I'll tell you when I get some bad Diah!! I'm so excited for it!
    So Elder Nelson talked to us on Sunday. He was supposed to talk to us live in Guatemala City last Tuesday but because of all the political stuff he went to El Salvador and did it instead! The only two missions that went were Tegucigalpa and Comayuguela (no idea if I spelled those right). So poor Josh missed President Neilson by like a week! But we got to all watch it live from the MTC. It was incredible! He mentioned this dream that he had where two girls that he opperated on 50 years ago came to and told him that they weren't sealed to anyone and that they wanted to be sealed to their family. So Elder Nelson went out and found these girl's family and their dad was still alive luckily! So he went up to the dad and told him that he needed to work to get back to the temple so that they could  be sealed to him and the guy made it to the temple and he's like 88 and he hadn't been active in the Church since he was a Deacon! It was reallly cool and personal.
      Also something that has been kind of nice and anoying at the same time is that I have had Invisible Touch stuck in my head by Phil Collins since I got here. It's a great song but by now it's just killing me! 
     So Harvey Langi's brother is in the MTC with me! He is such a cool kid! I saw his last name and I was all like dude are you Harvey Langi's brother and he was! If you don't know who Harvey Langi is, he's a linebacker for BYU and they made this sundance movie about him and football in highschool. A lot of my class got to go watch that movie so that's how I know who he is. He went to Highland I think.
    So the stupid rat came back this week and it is like freaking huge I think! It came right over my head and I just hit the ceiling with my shirt and then it goes away. It scared the shiz out of me when I was trying to sleep. I literally screamed and everyone in my room laughed. It wasn't funny though!
    Also today in the temple Liam Neeson was there!!! I swear it was Liam Neeson! And Myrle from The Walking Dead was there too! I didn't think it would be appropriate to ask for their autographs but I was really debating it! It was incredible! Myrle from the walking dead pretended that he didn't speak a lot of English but I know it was just a cover up.
     Also I wrote you, Kelsey and Shalese letters and sent them today. I think they send them out on Friday so expect those in like three weeks ha ha! Yours is the big one mom! 
   Also I've been doing that pnemonic device that helps me learn words like what Colin does! LIke Castigo means punishment in Spanish so I remember that by saying that President Catillo from Colin and Josh's stake is really strict so he is always punishing people. My district can't believe that I can make a connection to any word in my life! 
    Elder Fredrickson is the funniest person ever. Any time he messes up at something he says that he should go an bury himself! He's always talking about jumping out of the window and stuff too! We're pretty morbid! We always have fantasys about pushing eachother out the window or something. He's great though.
     So we get some new people tomorrow. I call them fresca carne which means fresh meat in spanish! It's going to be interesting because a bunch of missionaries that were supposed to go out to Coban today couldn't because of some complications that I won't get in to! So we are going to have no room here tomorrow! 
     Anyways I'm doing good and everything! I'm really happy that Elder Fredrickson and I are still healthy because everyone else has the freaking squirts. It's disgusting. But yeah I'm feeling great! Spanish is really coming along so yeah I miss you guys! I'm getting sick of finidning all of your pictures in my stuff because it makes we miss you guys so much! When the Yale did you find time to put all that stuff in my suitcase! Ha ha just kidding it was really nice! I'll talk to you guys soon. My next P Day is on next Thursday so don't freak out when we don't email you guys for over a week. Also happy birhtday to Shalese today! I almost forgot but then I checked my planner. I'm going to email her right now! We finally get to go out into the city today and maybe place some Libros de Mormón! I'll keep a record of everything that happens in the next 9 days so that you don't miss out on anything!
    Love you and I'll talk to you soon! 

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